My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Sealed Instructions

I had a dream 02/08/2015. In the dream I saw a table in what I will call in the shape of a horseshoe.  As I approached the table there were people sitting around the table and I noticed that there was a chair pulled out. I am not sure whether or not someone left or the chair was empty.  However, the way the chair was positioned it looked as if someone had gotten up.  I remember taking the seat along with the other   people already seated around the table.  I remember that Jesus, I believe,  was handing out large envelopes to all seated there. The envelopes were sealed and I am assuming that they contained instructions and or information that would be revealed in the Lord’s time.

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36 thoughts on “Sealed Instructions

  1. Tony, instructions/promises/assignments are coming to birth/fruition.

    Very soon, we will hear “Go”.

    I had a dream of giving birth. The baby had crowned….and that was the end of the dream.

    The time of birthing what He has been preparing us for is here. It is at the door. There is no stopping it now.

    Rejoice Tony. We are in the Lord’s Vineyard.

    Peace to you brother.

  2. friendtorobots on said:

    I believe it!

  3. God has also been giving me dreams about pregnancy and giving birth. I agree with Ngozi that God is bringing promises to fruition. We’ve waited, sometimes for many years, and the time of waiting is coming to an end.

  4. Been mulling this for over half-hour since scanning it before jotting note on other post. Appreciate your asking for my ‘take’ Tony – it’s a ‘sizzler’ and I’m trying to catch the impressions!

    Initial one is to agree with Ngozi on “Go!”, but being future tense (“will hear”) it’s for your side of ‘The Pond’. It’s already being heard on this side, as in prophetic words through Heidi Baker, which were later confirmed by a leader who re-connected with me (as in comments to This has also ‘popped up’ at start of local prayers for revival – but something else from that is connecting into your dream.

    My subsequent thoughts were on a similarity with war-time command bunkers, as Churchill’s underground war-rooms or your P.o.t.u.s. situation room. In such situations there would have been a briefing and attendees sent out into the field as agents to await central command to open the sealed instructions and then act upon them.

    On the morning of the 1st meeting locally my wife had a brief word from the Lord they were to await and listen to His command. (I sensed there were not then in a place to appreciate it. Being mainly Anglicans they’re not prophetically strong.)

    There’s also a sense that the dream’s simply stating what you’ve already been doing in having opened up the instructions, as in several of your recent posts. All that’s needed is for you to re-read as necessary and understand them. Your instructions may contain not just one command to action but more likely a sequence of “Do!”

    Very exciting times Tony 🙂

  5. sandra on said:

    This is a follow up on daniel keys ! (you’re last dreams)

    It is getting more and more interesting !

  6. sandra on said:

    I always seem to have trouble with reading Richard’s information, to my regret. Is that different English?

    • It is the queen’s English so it may be a little different than American English

    • My apologies Sandra. Sometimes I tend to be stilted (probably from years of being in gov’t service). Feel free to ask if you’re unsure of anything, but I may be a while responding as I don’t use smartphone and not always online.

      • sandra on said:

        Thanks Richard, it is interesting to read what you’ve to say, but I’m dizzling. Now my English is not sufficient, so it is not all your ‘fault’ 🙂

        I know the way to your blog too, I suppose there is an emailaddress, so yes, if I have questions I’ll ask !

        How is it in the UK, I tried to explain something to Tony (see underneath), maybe you can correct/add me when you have the time.

      • Sandra, agree your references to Europe and similarly in UK. Your English sounds like how the Dutch ladies in our church near Guildford express themselves. It is admirably good! So I guess ‘NL’ is Netherlands?

      • Yes Richard, NL = Netherlands.

  7. sandra on said:

    Hi Tony !

    Well at the moment it seems to be all peace and quiet again, here in NL.
    The things from the Paris attack (‘je suis Charlie’) seem to be quenched.
    That’s the way it generally goes here, hypes hypes and quenching. (also because of apathic minds in combination with the deliberately quenching of the ‘elite’. )

    There is news about asylum seekers who are actually jihadist, there must be tenthousands of them.

    In Europe, there is something going on with hollande, merkel en poetin, who want to dump the US and go further with Poetin.

    Can this mean: war? . Of which they will not be the initiators. ……..?

    Things are breeding. (brewing?)

    I must say I haven’t watched television lately because of all the lying debaters, it makes me sick.

    I follow some news though.

    I hope I’m accurate.

  8. sandra on said:

    Thank you Tony, and vice versa.

    Here folkes have been getting more to putin’s side, they are fed up with the USA. These are mostly people who don’t only follow the msm. I think it is because of the USA policy of the last 6 years, they are fed up with that.
    But I don’t know if the latest development is a good one.

  9. He was handing you your instructions, they are sealed until he opens them for you. The empty seat was Yeshua’s. It represents when he leaves the mercy seat. The instructions will be revealed on His time to you.

    I had a visions of my own instructions, as well.

    My instructions were given to me. In the vision I was very thankful and knew what they meant and I definitely knew they were instructions. I kept thanking Him over and over. I woke up from the vision actually talking and thanking Him. uh-oh…I could only remember that they were instructions but I could not retrieve what they said, though I remember everything else, thanking him over and over. He sealed them. He gave me enough knowledge to know that when it is His time, they will be there for me. I am sure that I know how John felt, as Yeshua sealed the knowledge from him after showing him what was to be. I get it.

    Tony, by any chance have you had any type of visions regarding your forehead? Strange question I know but I am too busy to go through all of your writings. Anything? I was given a card maybe 6 months ago, from an Angel, it was silhouetted, profile, Yeshua and I, he was kissing my forehead. I was amazed. Just curious if you or anyone has had any type of experience regarding foreheads?

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