My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Daniel Keys, the 70th Week

I had a dream 02/02/2015 where I was given a “key” . This is related to Daniel’s vision and the 70 weeks that he was informed about. It is the last week that I had the dream about. I was lead to read about the last week at 3 am in the morning. In the dream I was given a key, most likely one the keys on the ring that the man who I described in the last 2 posts had on his hip. What I learned is that in order for , ” the man of intrigue”, to be revealed, the United States  pretty much would have to abandon Israel.  What comes to mind is a scripture that I have heard before regarding our current president.

And there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph.
(Exo 1:8)

This is something that I would encourage all to take to prayer and to see what the Lord speaks to you concerning it.

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19 thoughts on “Daniel Keys, the 70th Week

  1. Elizabeth Davis on said:

    Judging from the way President Obama has treated the Israelis over the last few months, we may be closer to that than we think. If we end up with another Democrat in the White House, it’s not only possible, but very likely.

  2. joey r. on said:

    Tony I believe this dream from one of the prophet of the Lord, Kevin Mirasi is related to your dream regarding Barack Obama which He describe as bestowed by the Lord as the Beast that is Fatally wounded but lived as describe in the book of revelation. I was following His blog for the past 2 years and been able to witness the fullfillment of some of His proohesies. You can access his prophesies on this link . Peace be with you brother in Christ Jesus, Whom to come!

    • I do not believe that Obama is the beast that was fatally wounded Joey. That beast is destined for hell. Obama still has breath and therefore the opportunity to repent unlike the beast

      • joey r. on said:

        I have forgotten this to post on my comment. Something telling after posting my comment that this should be included.

        Before this prophesy this January 2015 given to prophet kevin mirasi. Prophet kevin mirasi has a prior prophesy about obama last year 2014. He made to understand that barack obama will be shot to the head while he was making his speech by a mob of youth but he will lived. Such wound is fatal but he will recover.

        And I think this january dream given to prophet kevin mirasi is the 2nd revelation that will come after the fulfillment of the first prophesy given to kevin mirasi. That with his anger, he will declare war against God choosen people.

      • The Bible commands us to pray for our leaders. So we as Christians here in the U.S. need to pray for our president and other elected officials

    • Sometimes too Joey prophetic dreams are warnings to pray so that what has been prophesied wont come to pass

      • joey r. on said:

        I fully agree on you Tony. Because God does not want punishment but repentance. He prefers mercy than judgement. But God has set an end for all evil that are devouring His people as it is written. We must remember always Who He is, He is the Alpha and the Omega. He knows our Beginning and our end. We must trust in all His plans not on our own understanding. Though it may appear unfair in our eyes but God knows what He is doing. For He knows the beginning and its end while we only see is the present. It is always for the good of all of us. It may be strange to hear this prophesy but I trust God’s plan here.
        Remember in God’s wrath there is salvation for those who trust in Him. And there is punishment for the wicked. Two things are happening at the same time punishment and salvation. We must accept Jesus but by accepting Jesus we will be the target of the enemy. Because we become thier enemy.

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  4. garryumphress on said:

    it is all about the book which was sealed in Daniel 12:4.4But you, Daniel, seal these words and be silent, and seal this book even to the time of the end; many will want to know the end, and knowledge will be increased.
    This book along with the other seals will be made available for those chosen to serve in this end time capacity.These seals are what is opened up in Rev 6. BUT in rev 10 is a reference to a ” Little book”. there are 180 plus references to book but this one In 10 is the only one that uses the word little.Our bibles have been intentionally and divinley sealed.)(Also copywrited which are owned by some pretty unbgodly folks).
    The unsealed bible or little book is what I belive you have seen. This is necessary in order to fully robe the end time saints, who will also go again to the nations as stated in 10.Take it and eat it; and it will make your belly bitter, but it will be sweet as honey in your mouth. 10So I took the little scroll out of the hand of the king, and ate it; and it was sweet as honey in my mouth; but as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. 11Then he said to me, You must prophesy again about many peoples and nations and the heads of nations and kings.
    This vesion can be linked to here as it is vastly differrent than the copywrited versaion( read sealed)

  5. Tony, this is all very interesting.
    Very special dreams !
    Eventhough I understand half of it. (really)

    Every body seems to understand what this mean etc

    Exept me 🙂

    I just recognise that this is very special.

    When I just came to beliefe in Christ, I red Zacharias and was very excited ! I did not understand a thing, however. The same with this. Looks like I’m blind when it is about the endtimes.

    • Hello Sandra. We are all blind when it comes to the mysteries of the Bible. That is the Holy Spirit’s job to teach each one of us and open our minds.

  6. sandra on said:

    I try but it’s like I can’t even read, I can’t absorb the words. Mabybe it is not for me to know ? But with some things about endtimes from Jesaja, it goes right in. (inside). Only that. Not with Daniel, Revelation, Ezechiël. That’s un-doable.

    But gladly, I can read these interesting things here. (which costs me trouble too, I red the three dreams about Daniel several times, I went to Richard’s blog, who had about the same as he said here, I don’t see ANYTHING there, and my brain is just not working. the info does not come inside.


    But I leave it like that, if it is like that, it is like that.

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