My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Exposed By Shaking

I had a dream 01/21/2015 where I saw the earth quake and people were violently tossed about. In this dream I didn’t really take note of any buildings just people. Of course a building is not a place anyone should use as a shelter in the event of an earthquake.  Then I saw skeletons that had been buried begin to surface and be exposed for all to see. These were not representative of individuals who had died and received a proper burial. The phrase that came to mind is skeletons in the closet. In other words things that have been buried with the hopes of no one ever finding out the evil buried will soon see that skeleton exposed to the light of day for all to see.


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9 thoughts on “Exposed By Shaking

  1. Marsha on said:

    Very Interesting Tony, it may very well happen, I just hope we are gone and don’t have to witness this horrible time. God bless you Tony, Marsha

  2. YAY!!! I LOVED THIS DREAM OF YOURS! Yes….prophetic!! Dear Lord, bring it to the Light! I am ready to see MANY evils being exposed.

  3. I’ve been thinking of your dream Tony all night. It really resonated with me that something in my life [as there are many skeletons in the cupboard] are to be revealed. This might even fit I don’t know with the dream I posted tonight Tony called ‘Red Snakes’.

    What do you think any way? …. Also it might not connect but I watched a film the other night about an earthquake and all these snakes came out of hiding that had been hidden for years. Interesting yes? …. jacqui xx

    • I think the dream is as you say things hidden will be revealed. I found it interesting that you are using a rose for your page. There is an old saying that came to mind when I saw it which is “the crushing of the rose brings forth the sweetest fragrance”

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