My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

The Love of The Lord

I couldn’t think of any other title for this post than what I just wrote. As I was driving to an appointment 01/13/2015, I saw a vision. In the vision I saw the earth as one would see it from outer sapce. I saw the Father with His hands around the earth tightly holding onto it and pressing it to His chest, His heart.  I then saw that he was weeping profusely as I saw tears falling to the earth.
I can only surmise by what I am seeing as I  post this and in light of the last few postings that there is judgement coming soon.
I would ask those who read this blog post to pray and see what the Lord would speak to you.


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30 thoughts on “The Love of The Lord

  1. God Bless you Tony ….. thank you for posting this …. I feel the LORD’s heart as you wrote this. Thank you x

  2. This seems to be getting closer and closer Tony. A lot is happening and will happen.

    It is sad and we just keep praying..

  3. Hey Jacqui! I know what you mean I took the first step,last week, in opening a skype account and Tony and I are yet to video-call but have exchanged chats.

    I just felt it was right to do so. Woud love to do so with you as well…us together if you would like to 🙂

    No pressure, just lending Tony a hand 🙂

    Will email you soon about the call as I have been meaning to but not had the chance xx

  4. OK just saw your recent comment. Ignore mine then as I hadn’t seen it before posting 🙂 xx

  5. Tony all I can say is that over the past five or six months I have often felt the same way as God will be looking down upon the earth looking at some of the things that are going on. I have said over and over each time the next horrendous tragedy occurs but God certainly will not put up with this very long without meeting out some sort of judgment upon the earth and the people who commit some of these most horrific atrocities especially the ones against innocent children. There’s just no way that 11 compassionate God can put up with this much longer without sending some sort of defiant message to the world that he’s had it.

  6. It is already here, my friend, and will increase. The separation of the sheep and the goats has begun.

  7. sandra on said:

    Thank you for your precious visions and dreams Tony

    Yes, the separating has started,
    we can obiviously see also here in Europa.

  8. sandra on said:

    I had a dream about this last night but I çan”t ‘fetch’ it.
    Unfortunately this happens a lot
    I only get segments of it (right now by reading this topic)

    Does anyone had advice how to deal with that ?

    Am I doing something wrong ? Have I got the wrong lifestyle ?
    Why can’t I fetch it ?

    Honesty is appreciated.

  9. sandra on said:

    Oyes, I can.
    I will get back to it, tonight !

  10. sandra on said:

    Hi Tony

    No I don’t have it there

    But I can have a noteblock and pen by the bed
    I think this would be handy ! ‘Cause this is frustrating and confusing.

  11. sandra on said:

    Well about the separation

    I don’t know if this is exactly the seperation of the goats and the sheep, but anyway

    Since the attacks in Paris it is now more clear than ever that the lie is ruling

    The difference is noticable between people who are apathic, and people who are still awake

    After the attacks people are now more than ever, trying to speak positive words about that religion responsible for al those bad things

    On tv they say the most horrible things like ‘the muslim persecution was never so bad as now’

    Ofcourse it is bad what happened, but nobody talks about the poor people who got slandered for their believe in Jesus. I guess that is the same in the US. Everything is turned around. (what is good they will call evil and vice versa). This is not what the world wants to know. (No, they rather donate to ‘pets in need’ or to ‘chickens with too little space’-)

    The cartoonist should not have ‘cartooned’ they say.

    And what else ? ‘This is not islam’ ‘the Jews are behind it’ ‘the old testament is cruel as well’

    We don’t live according the o.t. and don’t stone people to dead. That is not what we show. But they show how the hadith must be lived out. (anno 2015)

    Gay’s are forced to jump off buildings. Girls are being given away by their fathers to fighters. To be sacrifised, with a bombbelt. Other girls can make a choice: or being burried alive, or suicide with a bombbelt. (belt? I mean what you wear around your waist) Most of them are under the age of 10, what parent would do such a thing. But we don’t hear about it, and if we do we must not speak bad things about it !

    It is noticable that we don’t stand much chance anymore. The other ones are too far away, can’t be reached anymore (?)

    Here on tv they were comparing the Bible with ‘my kampf’ from Hitler, and christians were all hitlers.

    It is turning the things around, and the turning around of facts and incidents.

    I had a serie dreams, over a period of time and the last one was around 2 yrs ago. Then the ‘theme’ was closed. It was about a bunch of demons who were bringing
    deceit but they came as ‘lights’ (I am not referring tot jihadists, it ‘s obvious that they are no lights) It were many, it went on and on and a whole crowd was watching with open mouth, impressed/intimidated (and apathic and dumb !).

    It is clear that these are not normal things. It is not normal to defend evil. It is not normal when intelligent people with a – normally reasonable opinion– talk globally en masse as cowards and defend and justify these deeds. It is not normal when everybody tries his/her best not to harm the reputation of evil.

    This attitude has been here already for a while but is manifested obviously now.

    There is a division. The apathic en blinded ones, and the ones who see things still clear.

    This is a spirit, working in a team with demonslaves and they got the job delegated of blinding, deceiting, and its doing its work full out. With success. People don’t react normal anymore, only absorb information selectively (what the enemy wants them to absorb and only that) and don’t see truth anymore. They are ‘bewitched’ This spirit is also in the people. A sort of johannes, but than different, namely to prepare the way for the ac. We know that already, it is in the Bible, and not news, it is just so bizar to experience it full out.

    Have this unpleasant feeling that there is no way back

    The world did not want God

    Our redemption is now more near than ever

    The job of deceit is done, manifested. (and this one is new)

    Well i’m going to sleep now, it is 3.15 in the morning !! I had been writing, closed the pc and remembered that I would get back to the subject. Now I have to take the dog out, brrrr.


    • It sends that the Lord is giving you insight into what is going on. Delusion is being sent to those who refuse to believe. So you are seeing correctly Sandra. The persecution has not been noticeable here in the USA . However no one knows how long that will be the case. You are correct that good is called evil and evil called good. Keep up the good fight Sandra. I am blessed to have you sharing what is going 9n in your part of the world. Some day maybe God will have me visit your country. Remember the dream i shared with you regarding the Netherlands. I pray that the Lord keeps you and protects you and your family. God is giving you revelation Sandra. Make sure you write down what He shows you. It’s important.

  12. sandra on said:

    I’ll do that Tony and thanks for your prayers.

    I notice I become ‘harder’ so its tricky ! Somehow i have the feeling that it does not matter anymore what we say here, that that time is up, I tilt to think: ‘now I’m done with it, I’m not crazy Eddy, I told you things, you don”t want to listen, you’ve made your choices . Can’t help it anymore.’

    But I may be misleaded myself here !!!

    God would not say: i’m done with you. Would he ?

    Things are so tricky lately.

    p.s. If you we’ll ever visit Holland, you & you”re family are more than welcome to stay here !! It’s an okay place here, much nature and not to much crowded. So should you ever come to this country, come to us ! And we will cross across the country (which is peanuts for Americans, is it not? The largest distance here –from north to south – is about 370 km’s)

  13. Poet K-Lynté on said:

    After I read this, 2 Peter 3:9 came to me.


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