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Dreams and Visions

Called To Prophesy

I had a dream/vision 12/31/2014. I could not think of any other name for this dream but what I wrote. In the dream I was standing before the Lord and there was a man or angel standing beside Him. The man and/or angel had a basket in his hand with many scrolls in it. He began taking the scrolls out of the basket and placing them in my mouth for me to eat. This is not usually the norm from what I have read in scripture being that the scroll is usually given to the  individual and he/she puts it in their mouths. I found out the reason why was because I looked at my hands and they were dirty and therefore I could not have handled the scrolls with them. I then had 2 large pieces of burning coals placed in both hands and then I was told, “go”. In the next part of this dream I was standing in front of a church building and I saw a person, presumably me, standing in front of the church building with a scroll unfolded and I was speaking to the building. I then saw 2 hands grasp the building on either side of it, lift it off of its foundation, and turn the building sideways so that the doors of the building would naturally swing open. I then saw these hands begin to shake the building called church like one would shake a piggy bank when there was money in it that they could not get out except in this instance, I saw people falling out. It is interesting to note that when the building called church was lifted up by these 2 hands, the foundation was exposed for all to see. I do not suppose that those shaken out of the building would be returning to it again.

It is interesting that I would have such a dream on the last day of the year of 2014

I am adding to this posting a vision I saw this morning.

I again saw scrolls only this time I was holding them in my arms. There were so many of them I couldn’t hold them all.


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40 thoughts on “Called To Prophesy

  1. What a powerful dream Tony and speaks volumes! And yes interesting indeed that it comes on the final night of 2014. We will perhaps see the results of this shaking in 2015 and it seems you are right in the middle of it Tony, part of His working on shaking the church.

  2. How amazing! The Lord has plans for 2015! It is exciting Tony.

  3. Hello Tony,
    Long time no ‘see’.

    Excuses for my absensce (circumstances)

    I’ve red here in the meantime.

    This vision of yours, is so appropiate for what’s going on and what’s going on in our lives right now.

    We are in a situation of horrible manipulation by church.

    Where there is 1 ‘leader’ and some ‘ass-kissers’ . I think ass-kissers are the worst because they keep the manupilative leader in place.

    People are playing games with, to be set aside, so that ass-kissers around the leader remain and can take their places (not ours, but of our beloved brothers and sisters). And that they lie and decieve to achieve this, is not a problem for them.

    So Ï’m delighted by your vision right now, I used the same process in my prayers (yes, like you decribe it: Lord shake the whole thing and shake it good, and that the foundation will be exposed for all to see) and see this as a confirmation.

    We found out, we can’t do anything, the dark powers are strong (we’ve spoken out but find a closed front and we can’t get through as human beings) this we found out only since yesterdayevening. As an answer to our prayer I quess, He is shaking it good right now. and that doesnot mean that is does not hurt or that we don’t look like losers (right now)

    We realized as well (only since yesterday) that is was a bit foolish of us to think that WE could deal with it, by speaking out.

    Now, we rely on the Lord more than ever before. We can’t get through that front, but He can. And indeed He can !! We decided not to speak about the situation again, also not together, instead we pray.

    Because we’ve noticed this:
    When we discuss the situation the enemy can build up an stronghold against US
    When we pray and praise, the LORD can build up a force against the enemy (ps 8)

    Yesterday we had a meeting, we felt the stronghold against us, and we realized, that it was because of our talking too much about the situation the past weeks (discussing people also). Because of that dark forces could manifest yesterday against us. Some were lying, putting us under fire and others were blinded.

    A learning experience !!!!!

    Say greetings to your wife

  4. Looks like the Lord has a lot some work for you to do in the near future.

    I think it is interesting that you didn’t put the scrolls in your mouth, but the Lord or an angel put the scrolls in your mouth. When the Lord wants you to speak a word of warning or prophecy, He will most definitely put the words in your mouth.

  5. Once again he will shake all of Heaven and earth, according to Hebrews…..why not start with the church! It will be interesting to see how this might play out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sonja Felder Ministries on said:

    Very timely. Were you’re hands clean when you started shaking the church? You mentioned that they were dirty earlier in the dream.

    • It was the Lord’s hands that were shaking the church, not mine. After the scrolls were placed in my mouth, hot coals were placed in my hands.

    • I would just like to share this story I’ve read.

      The story is about a prostitute girl who one day passed by the church and heared a sermon of a pastor that cause Her great awakening and conversion. The girl left her old life as a prostitute and become devouted to the church. She becomes active in her devotion to God. One day a pastors son has seen her arranging flowers inside the church and becomes fall in love with her. They become in love with each other. Years passed by and they planned to get married. Many church members opposses thier marriage to happen because they know the back ground of the girl as a prostitute. But they still push through their marriage. On their wedding day, many invited guess begun gossiping about the bride that is not worthy to marry the groom which is a pastor’s son. The groom could not hold his self anymore that He called all the invited guess and speaks. This is what the groom tell them, “This is not the background of this girl that you put on trial, but it is the blood of Jesus that you put on trial. Whoever questions the credibility of this girl to marry a pastor’s son, has questioned the credibility of the blood of Jesus to cleansed all sins. For you did not believed that the blood of Jesus can cleanse your sins.” The crowd put their head low as what the pastor’s son has said.

      Brothers and Sisters. Never pass judgement on anyone but believed in Him that He can cleanse your sins if you let Him. Through the precious blood of the Lord Jesus. A blessed New Year!

      • Amen Joey. Very powerful message that the body needs to hear.

      • Joey would you mind if i reblogged this on my blog? It is such a powerful story with duch a strong message.

      • Raymond on said:

        “This is not the background of this girl that you put on trial, but it is the blood of Jesus that you put on trial. Whoever questions the credibility of this girl to marry a pastor’s son, has questioned the credibility of the blood of Jesus to cleansed all sins. For you did not believed that the blood of Jesus can cleanse your sins.”

        That is a powerful line……….and she will probably be a better person than the gossiping busy bodies that fill most churches.

  7. Joey R. on said:

    If the Lord is in your favor Tony, fear not, for who can be against you. You have been called on different mission as others has been called to different missions by the Lord. Be wise like a serpent but be as innocent as the dove.

  8. Tony, I do not hold titled to this story as this was only read by me. I shared this story so as everyone should know the message of the story, for I do so believed also on the blood of Jesus that cleanseth all sins. But if it is for the merit of the Lord to reach all those who dont believe in His Precious blood that they may beleaveth so. I have no right to stop the message of the Lord but to share it with others.

  9. Terrific blessing Tony for 2015!

    Aha – the shaking and sifting that I’ve mentioned a few times, the latter having been prophesied in ’92 as The Separation of the Bride and the Harlot (see

    You may wish to consider that “Go!” may relate to revival too, as the Lord has been indicating for the UK. Eg. someone we’ve not seen since she and her husband led the Vineyard in Winchester emailed me in connection with a prophetic word “You keep going and I’ll keep coming” she’d read on my blog. The previous day He’d said practically the same to her (see comment at!

    Is there any reason why the Lord wouldn’t say the same to His servants in US?

    • Awesome links Richard! Heidi Bakers word goes along with a d r am I had a while ago where I saw people, Christians, in the streets praying for people and they were being healed. These Christians had no faces in my dream so that no one would be able to point to anyone saying that he/she had healed them. Furthermore, your own Smith Wigglesworth said, “if you want to be used by God then you need to be delivered from the need to be seen and heard”. The, “go”, is also found, as you know, in the great commission and signs and wonders would follow.

  10. Am revisiting this to check its date as I was so nudged 1st thing this morning and on how to incorporate what I promised of yours on revival.

    On New Years Eve I split a draft on revival in the States and published the historic bit at close of 2014 and keeping what I’d already written for this year. This was to add the emphasis of prophetic decree to what’s hope fro in fresh revival.

    On New Year’s Day I was blessed with an insight on my calling, rather akin to your above vision. It was a clear sense of my spirit having brought my destiny into my life from birth and started prompting me as a teenager about ‘watching’. Only once have I ever mentioned it and that was to the pastor whom I’ve already referred to in this thread. And she’d been led by the Lord to get back in touch about what I’d blogged!

    So the Lord’s definitely opening up a new chapter in our individual calling, AND I can’t get away from the distinct sense of a door having opened in connection with revival in America.

    • Amen Richard. Along with the vision I just posted I felt the Lord say to me that He knew me by name. I got the sense that it was as Jeremiah ‘ calling.

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  12. Tony, this was good and it has been happening over the last twenty years that I know of. Lenny Bruce said, “Every day more and more people are leaving the church and returning to God.” In 2006 George Barna wrote a whole book about this trend called it “Revolution.”

    You might be interested in what I wrote on this current shaking of Christendom that is going on “Until Only the Unshakeable Remains.”

    Thanks, my brother,

  13. Hi Tony,
    I have never heard someone else have a dream/vision from God that places them in the seat of Prophecy. In late, I have often wondered if this is how God himself appoints people into this position. The reason why I have wondered this lately is because God spoke to me a word and he gave me a dream to this effect.
    If you knew me, you would know that I DO NOT doubt God, but doubt myself : ). You would also know I have always dealt in black and white…So, with all that said, it has been a real struggle to believe that this is where God has called me. I thank you for posting brother.


    • Hello Lana, I will never forget the day the Lord called me to be a watchman. I remember what I was doing, what road I was on and the fact that I was going to see a client. The following Sunday morning, a well known prophet was attending the service and laid his hands on me confirming the calling. I would say to you, don’t be afraid to step out I’m faith. As the old saying goes, faith is spelled R-I-S-k.

      • Very true, it is a risk. I will go where ever the Lord calls me. I have stepped out a little, a toe at a time : ).
        I have shared everything with my pastor, it seems as if he isn’t hearing what the Lord is saying though. Thanks again Tony!

      • Rejection comes with the job Lana. I have given pastors warnings that were ignored only to see what I spoke come to pass. I do not gloat over this. I would rather have them listen or at the least take what I was saying to prayer.

      • Oh no, it actually breaks my heart. If someone one were to gloat they are not in the right place. We must always search our hearts.

      • Indeed we must never gloat because that is pride.

      • Feel free to browse my posts and comment as you like Lana.

      • Thanks for the invite.

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