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Dreams and Visions

In God’s Hand

I had a dream the morning of 11/16/2014 just before waking and I heard the Lord say prepare for perilous times. I really felt this impressed upon me in the dream. However, I then saw my family gathered together and we were being surrounded by the hand of God. I knew that disaster was happening all around me but my family was being protected nor could we see what was happening much like Noah could not see what was happening after the ark was shut and the Lord sealed them in. That was the end of the dream. If the Lord reveals more to me, I will add to this posting.


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19 thoughts on “In God’s Hand

  1. Praise the Lord that He is going to protect us during His wrath. He will not even let us see His wrath fall upon this earth. Amen.
    Tony, I need your help (or any child of God). I had a dream today, 16/11/2014, in which I had killed little snakes and I was eating them. I hated the taste. It was dirty. I don’t know what it means. But I am disturbed. Please let me know if God shows anybody anything above this. I need help. God bless you all.

    • Snakes are usually indicative of demons. Do you have any further to add to the dream other than you killed them and ate them?

      • Tony, thank you brother. No, I have nothing to hide but I want to repeat that the taste of those little snakes was disgusting but I don’t know why I still ate them.

        Back in 1996, when I first experienced Christ, I had a dream that I killed an orange (fiery red) color snake. The snake was so swift that you could hardly notice its movements. Just before it died, my body hair began to wither and fell off my body and then the snake spoke as if through anger and full of revengeful voice “I will see you after 20 years (2016?)”. Then the snake died and my body hair was restored.

        God bless you.

      • That definitely sounds demonic. That is an empty threat made by a demon. Satan can not touch a hair on your head without your Father’s permission. May I ask what you were involved in before you ecame a Christian?

      • You are right. But he will try something. He knows something about the future if not everything. I was born in a Christian family. I was not involved in any terrible things except for some youthful foolish sins.

      • Satan is always trying something. He goes about as a roaring lion. Jesus conquered him and it is in Jesus we have the victory.

    • Joey R. on said:

      I have recieved this word of the Lord in His Holy Bible a few days ago. This is for the prideful for the arrogant for the slanderer, a sins caused by our tongue. A declaration of God to this sins “You will eat what you vomit”. If you spread death instead of life, “You will eat what you vomit”. God will hear it and He will teach you humility by swallowing what you vomit. Until you learn your lessons.

      If this has happened to you must go and seek forgiveness to those people whom you have hurt before the sun downs on you. Then you must go back seek God’s mercy and forgiveness. You must swallow the bitterness of the consequence inorder to taste the taste of humility. Only then you can taste its sweetness.

  2. @Levi, thanks for sharing your dream,I don’t really know your present spiritual/physical condition nor the full details of the dream.But your dream might been,a warning of taking in lies or half truth from the enemy about yourself or others. Pray about it,instead of being worry.God bless!

    • travail2prevail: Thank you. I am right now struggling in both the areas. I think we will keep struggling until the end. But that shows that we live. The dead don’t struggle and hence they don’t grow.
      Could you please elaborate this, that my dream shows I am accepting the devil’s lies or half truth from my enemy about myself or others? I didn’t completely understand.

      God bless you.

      • The spirit of accusation will use a grain of truth to get you to swallow the whole lie.

      • Tony, yes my brother. This is what exactly is going on now in my life. I could see the accusations are false. The enemy ‘seems’ to be winning but I know the victory is ours when the battle is the Lord’s. Thank you.

      • Go through the word Levi and quote what the word says about you. Remember that Satan attacked Jesus’ identity in the wilderness. If you are the son of God………

  3. Carlo D on said:

    PSALMS 91

  4. @ Levi, I agree with what Tony said, ‘The spirit of accusation will use a grain of truth to get you to swallow the whole lie”,that was what I meant. Lie plus half truth is still equals to lie,remember in Genesis,the devil deceived Eve by telling her,half truth. ‘By faith vomit out all the small snakes you have eaten’! SHALOM

  5. Soraya Rosaria on said:

    Hey Tony…This is me, Lisette… Yesterday I changed my profile picture and username and the web address to go with my new user name, not realizing it could cause all my followers to lose me. So… this is me all over again… Content and topic remain the same. Teaching others on how to hear God and sharing my own personal journey with the Lover Of My Soul. If you still enjoy the posts, you can follow here now. 🙂 Keep up the good work always. Blessings…

  6. Hi Levi, on reading this thread am reminded of Zecharia 3 and the fact that, like the h/priest Joshua, we’re entitled to come into the Lord’s courtroom in our filthy rags, confess our sins and be refreshed in body and mind. AND the Lord judges and deals with the Accuser in our lives!

    Most believers are unfamiliar with the courtrooms of heaven where our ‘stuff’ can get dealt with. You may like to check out this article by Mike Parsons and read its links >

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