My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

A Dream About War

I had a dream 10/08/2014 where I saw a nuclear tipped missile launch from North Korea and hit the United States.  I am not sure where it hit but I do remember it being the United States.  When the United States struck back then China became involved.  I don’t have any more details than this currently, however, it’s very foreboding, at least to me,  that I would have such a dream on the day of the 2nd blood moon of 2014.
Definitely something to take to the Lord in prayer.


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7 thoughts on “A Dream About War

  1. on said:

    that is freakin’ scary! I was thinking about you Monday tony. I went out to dinner with some folks a block and a half away from first love. I didn’t even recognize the area or know even how to get there but I knew it was close and I found it, it’s so built up. one day i’ll have to video tape it on my phone or something and text it to you, it’s unbelievable now

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  2. Last monday October 6 was in the news that South Korea and North Korea exchange fire at their sea borderline. And South Korea are now observing the military movement of North Korea for the fear that it will take an all out war towards the south.

    As we all know that North Korea is a China Allies while South Korea is a US allies. This could be what has been shown to you Tony in a dream.

  3. Last October 4, I had also this dream:

    In my dream, I was walking in a dark road on the way home. While walking, my eyes are fixed on the sky. And these are what I saw:

    I see so many stars millions of small ordinary stars, a few big stars and a very beautiful moon. The few big stars are shining beautifully with a color distinct from each other. Thier color was heavenly and I could say I haven’t seen such color on earth in my whole life. The moon has a very unique color also and its color is also heavenly that I havent seen on earth before. As I was looking at the beautiful view in the sky I can feel the excitement in my heart as if something a party is about to begin or someone so Important is soon to arrived. Then all of a sudden there is a word that tells me “The King is about to come! Thats why all the preparations are being set now”.

    Then in another view, I look up again at the sky and I see a very red moon, dark clouds passing by and some few stars around the red moon. Then my dream ended.

    The beautiful moon is Jesus giving lights to the world through His messages and warnings.

    The Big Stars are the called servant of the Lord who have given different tasked to carry out messages and warnings to all people of the world. That through them others would see the light.

    The Small stars are the people of the world.

    The Word are the warnings, messages, revelations, leadings, prophesy, testimonies, proclamations, and teachings of the Lord being carried out to all people on earth. So they can prepare and repent and live in holiness and righteous and complete surrender to God so they will have salvations when He comes.

    The Dark Road are our walks on earth, we will be passing that very dark road and very hard time on the way home. And this where out faith will be tested, who will get home and who will not.

    The Heavenly Light is the authority given by God the Father for the salvations of His sons and daughters.

    The Red Moon is symbolizes the signs leading to second coming of Jesus and the Tribulation period.

    The Dark Clouds are the forces of evil roaming around the earth.

    The Stars around the red moon are the witnesses of every signs revealed by the Lord.

  4. Lisette Defoe on said:

    If this is prophetic indeed, may we not be alive anymore during such times. I’d say if China got involed, we are done. 2 great powers against one?? hmmm.

  5. Thank You also Tony for allowing me to post on your blog.

    As days are passing by, it is getting harder and harder. But somehow in the middle of hardships God is good and always making the way. He always makes surprises. He always takes care of all of us. I testify this in my experiences of His graciousness and love.

    Never He let us down, He is always there in that small stuff. He never asked us to make big things for Him but He always requires us to follow Him in that every small stuff in every prompting of His Spirit, that little crosses He wants us to carry which we always rejects and makes excuses and deny, that is His will.

    In all of my walks in my life I always expect Him to show himself to me and I always expect Him to make miracles for me, I always expect Him to talk to me. But I was wrong, until I recognized His works in every small stuff in my life. It is His will for us to speak with gentleness to one another, it is His will to always tell the truth and not lies, it is His will to always choose love over hatred in all that we do, feel, say, and think etc…. Those are that small stuff God wants us to do which we often rejected.

    When God calls us to make a puzzle, He is expecting us to put into piece by piece of each of that puzzle not the whole puzzle for we cant achieve that goal He wants us to achieve if we wont go in its details. And thats where He directs us, lead us, correct us, help us to finish that every piece of the puzzle.

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