My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Are You Ready To Die For Your Faith In Jesus Christ ?

I had a dream in 2013 tha I feel goes along with the re-blog of this post. Listen and read. Then ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart.

Early the morning of , 03/24/2013, I had a dream just before waking. What I saw in the dream was truly frightening. What was taking place in the dream was Christians, many Christians, were being told to deny Jesus. Those that refused were beheaded. What I saw was Christians in shackles being lead up to a place where they were told to deny Christ. When they didn’t, they were kneeling down and placed their head in a carved put piece of wood that looked like the bottom half of a guillotine. What was remarkable is that no one fought to save his/her life. They were like lambs lead to the slaughter. Those being beheaded did not fight because they were ready to meet their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What dawned on me in the dream was that Muslims behead people.
I was not given a time frame in the dream as to when this will occur and anything more on my part would be speculation. Could the Antichrist arise out of the Muslim nations? Again this is nothing more than speculation as I was not told any of this. Furthermore, I was not given a time frame on when this will occur, I.e., post, mid, or pre-tribulation. Once again for me to say when would be pure speculation.

As I was pondering the dream, I saw, in a vision, the man dressed in black with a very large sword in his hand who had been doing the beheading of Christians. This man turned towards me and pointed at me with his sword and said, ” are you ready to die for your faith”,?

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7 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Die For Your Faith In Jesus Christ ?

  1. friendtorobots on said:

    In light of some of the dreams that you’ve been sharing, I read something on Facebook last week. I thought of you, Tony, and wanted to share. I don’t know if Johnny Enlow has a website (I didn’t look it up), but he posted this on his Facebook page. Apparently, he has a ministry — maybe in California. I never heard of him until last weekend. Someone else on FB shared the word, and that is how I came to read it. I thought Johnny Enlow’s word was really more political rather than prophetic. I also find it to be a manipulative message. I’ve copied and pasted it below. I hope you don’t mind reading it. It’s a bit long. Here it is. — Holly

    The Coming Judgment on America? by Johnny Enlow

    There is so much confusion and there are so many contradictory prophetic messages being given to the Body of Christ at this time, that it has in fact become the most important battleground for the advancing church of Jesus Christ. I have been being sent several prophetic words that speak of a season of unprecedented “judgment on America” beginning this Rosh Hoshana. Mixed in with these words are some encouraging and positive perspectives on a simultaneous coming move of God with amazing power and signs and wonders.

    The problem with the messages I just heard and read, is that it contains such a mixture. Much of the prophesied good that is to come is so excessively good that it speaks of a time yet a generation or two ahead of us. The unity and the power and the glory spoken of will come but it will be a gradual build up with occasional bursts of advancement. It will come to a more hopeful and hope filled generation of believers. It will not happen to us because we are being invaded by Russia, or the UN, or some other foreign legion in the next season before us.

    The prophetic words that “judgment on America” is now a definite unavoidable reality- are just wrong. They are wrong in substance and they are wrong in the essence of thought behind it. Ostensibly the main impetus for the coming judgment is over “abortions”- and “other unrighteous laws”. If judgment was coming to America because of our abortions – the judgments would be so counter intuitive that no one would know it is a judgment, which defeats the purpose in a judgment from God. In 2013, 87 abortion clinics in America shut down. Additionally if we go by official CDC numbers, abortions have gone down from 1.4M a year in 1990 to 800,000 last year. This puts the abortion rate at BELOW what it was the year BEFORE Roe vs. Wade. Meanwhile China had 13M abortions last year- and we are still expecting God to be kind to China. (and I mean that)

    So yes God has been disciplining and will continue to discipline America- on an “as needed” basis. The United States as a nation are a gift from God to the world and He is not sorry He chose her. He still greatly cherishes America and she is greatly beloved by the Lord. In fact, this next season will see the Lord continue to show America His great kindness even as He has in these last few years. Even while many of these same voices have been declaring judgment on America, our Stock Market has exploded past the 17,000 barrier.The S & P 500 has had 28 record highs this year, as of the last time I checked. Additionally the housing market continues to come back strongly from the precipice it was on just a couple of years ago. The jobs market is in full repair. Furthermore the Obama years have seen amazing advances in the oil market. We now look to be net exporters within the next 10 years as we are importing less than half of what we were in 2005. Most of our oil imports are now Canada and Mexico, as our Mideast dependence is vastly diminished and almost immeasurable. I could go on and on, we are living in a blessed time of His kindness towards us.

    Yes, God always disciplines whom He loves but He has in fact been very merciful and kind to America during the last five years- and this reality is going to INCREASE and not decrease in the coming years. He is not now coming to judge the one country on the planet that is able to keep many of the nations of the world from killing each other. A great harvest is in its initial stages in Muslim lands and the enemy would have them kill each other as a precursor and preventive measure. The many recent Christian martyrs in those lands have just added turbo to the harvest and contrary to the enemies plans true Christianity will not become extinct but actually blossom as never before. Things are not what they seem for the moment- but will soon enough become evident. The unstoppable kingdom of heaven is penetrating and advancing as never before.

    Furthermore God is much less distressed about President Obama than most white American Christians are. Neither Obamacare nor Common Core curriculum is as demonic or dastardly as being implied or panicked over -and in both cases the existing system was not working and something did have to be done about it. Both of these President Obama plans can be amended or eradicated at any time by a new administration with better “Joseph solutions”- should we not prophesy ourselves into irrelevance. Honestly, our greatest threat is presently posed by the “America must be judged” narrative that is being bandied about by much of white Christian America. A significant portion of that narrative is being fueled by an unrecognized and unrepented of root of racism. Yes, if you find it hard to call him, PRESIDENT Obama, this may reflect something deeper than you have addressed. Our President has the toughest job on the planet, and yet were it not for the prayers of the African-American community he would have almost no spiritual protection or covering, thus leaving him exposed to every foul demon.

    We are commanded by scripture to pray for him, yet instead we are trying to prophesy him into being court martialed. Apart from any other forthcoming evidence, he has still been the best family man in the White House in many years. He is in fact over his head with the world problems before him but how would you do if you were simultaneously facing the threat from ISIS, the threat from Russia, the threats from North Korea, the nuclearization of Iran, the whole Middle East being a powder keg of instability, the Ebola plague at unprecedented levels- not to mention our national borders issues and other major concerns? Here is the hard truth- if God decides to judge America at this time (and this won’t happen because He is merciful with us as well) you will know it by the blowing up of our churches, cathedrals and ministry bases around the nation. He would judge us because Christians refuse to pray and cover their leaders- because Christians refuse to be or think hopefully. If we have race riots in this nation, it will not be because President Obama is an evil and incompetent man. It will be because we as Christians- especially white (but blacks and hispanics as well) have refused to deal with our own lingering racism and not because of some other thing we can blame. I plead with you to discern God’s heart and intentions at this very key time in our nation and align with the very good things He has for us as a nation at this time. Stop being a part of the problem and become a carrier of exuberant hope. Draw a line in the sand today refusing to think, speak or declare against America’s immediate future of blessed destiny. This is the will of God. Join with me in proclaiming and living out- GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • I can see the political undertones of his letter that you speak of.

    • seems to equate wealth with godliness too? daniel 8:25 psalm 73 rev 18 titus 1:16 and more, bad nations and people rise and fall, wealth isn’t a sign of godliness, fruits of the Holy Spirit are and in looking for fruits what will we see…
      but yeah pray for leaders and all, be patient with any and with grace speak the truth in hopes they maybe granted repentance leading to acknowledging the Truth..2nd timothy 2 and more.

  2. Didn’t the Lord warn us that, the end time will be like the time of Noah. Many drinking, some marrying and suddenly they caught up with surprise? The flood came and sweep them all.

    And also didn’t the Lord Jesus said also to stay awake and clean our clothes for He will come like a thief in the night?

    So as this days when many are thinking all is well, will suddenly be shocked with what is about to come. Never seize repenting and doing what God tells you to do. Never trust anyone that are telling you that all is well just as this article from Jonny Enlow is saying, remember we only see the present but not the beginning and the end but God sees it all, instead always strive living the hard way in obedience to will of the Lord. Those who listen and has witnesses in dreams or in visions the word of God happenings are in no doubt of what it about to come.

    Jesus speaks to a pure in heart, if He aint speaking to you, strive having a pure heart and you will recognize His voice someday.

    I had given dreams by the Lord also about the blood moons, darkening of the sun, the falling of the stars, the appearance of the shining cross, the opening of heaven, the blowing of the big trumphet and the harvesting of the faithfuls or saints to heaven.

    And no one can deny that the four blood moons are already start manifesting this year and next year also the solar eclipse on march next year. My dreams are will said in Matthew 24:29-31 it can also be seen in Luke and Mark, In Acts 2, and in Revelations.

  3. It reminds me some months ago I was confronted by God if I would die for him. John the Baptist, Jesus, and most of the Apostles were martyrs. Why I thought I would never be confronted with the question to die for him or to live denying him proved my selfishness and belief God’s existence is to prosper me.

    You see this dream might be being fulfilled through ISIS, who is killing Christians throughout the Middle East.

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