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Dreams and Visions

Handing Over The Keys

I had a second dream 09/08/2014 where I saw the president,  with a ring of keys in his hands. Keys, as far as I know, represent knowledge, power, and authority.  I saw him, as I stated above with a ring of keys. The key ring was large and there was more than one key on it. I then saw him hand the entire set to a foreign individual. I did not see who the individual was so I am not going to guess here unless the Lord reveals such to me. Again, something to take to the Lord in prayer.

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23 thoughts on “Handing Over The Keys

  1. Tony, this is a ‘humdinger’ May I suggest you go back into it in the present. That is, instead of relating it in the past as you have herein, you describe it to yourself as active in the present tense. It may be useful to do with your pastor listening to Holy Spirit.

    • I thought I wrote the post in the present tense. I will go back an re-read the posting. As for “my pastor” , currently we are doing a house church and do not have a pastor per se . However, with that said there are pastors that I do meet with and I will bounce this off of them.

      • What I mean is not to rewrite it but to describe it out aloud to yourself or another as though you are awake in the dream and everything’s happening in ‘the now’. That is, “I see (such and such, so and so)…he holds and gives to etc.”

        This invariably enables the dreamer to not only recall more details but also to gain insights from the Holy Spirit. If your group operates in His gifts then you may feel like sharing so they may listen and weigh – just like anything prophetical.

        Hope this may help. Be blessed my friend

  2. Interesting. I often dream in first person as other people. I assume this is so that I can get a deeper understanding of their perspective. When I dream as other people I see things through their eyes. In other words its not exactly how things are but how that person perceives things to be. I am also able to discern motives through this type of prophetic dream, as to why people do what they do. That said, I am not sure it’s related, but I had a dream last week that I wasn’t sure of its significance. I didn’t know if I was dreaming as myself or someone else, but I dreamed someone was asking me for a set of keys. There was a person there and someone was sitting between us. I wanted to be with the person but the person between us was cuddled up next to them and that person preferred to be with them. Then someone asked me for the keys, I don’t think I saw them in the dream, but I knew that the person I was wanting to be with was wanting these keys. I didn’t think I had them but I dug through my purse and found I had two sets of keys. I was handing the person I wanted to be with the set of keys that had a cube on the key ring. There was one set of keyes still in my purse. i hadnt handed the keys over to that person yet, but realized I had them and was planning on it. In that same dream there was a house. The floor of the house was covered in piles of dog poo. It is unclear how that house related to the rest of the dream but it was part of the same dream I believe.

    • I felt like giving the keys to that person might give me favor over the person cuddled up next to them.

      • No, this was giving over control to the other person. Although favor may be intimated by the one receiving the keys as a reason for handing them over, that would be a rouse.

      • I didn’t address what the keys represented. I said that the reason I was giving the keys over was to gain the favor of the person that I knew wanted the keys. Not saying it is necessarily related but if you reread want I wrote if I was in fact dreaming as the person you saw giving over keys I was shown their motive for doing so. I wanted to be close to the person and win their affection over someone that they preferred over me.

      • Got it. Sorry

    • Interesting dream Emily. One thought that comes to mind is that keys, as I stated in my post, signify power and authority. People like to be near people who have influence. Could it possibly be that you were being seduced, not sexually, but by the need to have this person like you?

      • I don’t think so. I was the one with the keys in the dream so that possible interpretation wouldn’t fit. I am not certain I was dreaming from my own perspective at all. I always first look ti my own life but it is extremely common for me to dream as another person. That’s why I mentioned it on your post as the possibility of being more revelation to the same issue you dreamed of. Offering a possible explanation as to the motive of why the keys were being handed over.

      • It was just a thought I had concerning your dream. What bothers me about my dream is the fact that I could not see who the president was giving the keys to. I know that what I sensed that he was basically betraying our country and selling us out.

      • That’s intense. I think God used your dream to get me to revisit mine so that I could decifier its meaning. I now have a pretty good idea what it means and why God gave it to me. 🙂

      • Cool, do you feel led to share what the Lord showed you?

      • And I can’t think of any situation in my life where I am giving my power or authority away to gain the affection of someone right off but I will keep my eye out for any possible situation this is pointing to in my own life. I can’t remember the last time I dreamed of keys, that’s the only reason I mentioned it here. I found this definition of cube symbolism: The cube represents the earth in Pythagorean, Indian, and Platonic traditions. In Egypt, the Pharaoh is often depicted sitting on a cubic throne. In India, many statues of deities are shown standing on a cube – one under each foot. It is understood as a building block of all simple matter – and it is also understood that within it supernatural possibilities abound. Therefore cube represents the earth from which the spiritual king comes forth.

        Perhaps the key ring having a cube signified what the person, whether me or someone else, was thinking about giving in the hopes of affection/favor being returned. Perhaps what they were thinking about giving up was their spiritual authority to bring forth the power and reign of Christ on the earth.

  3. Only my second comment was moderated. Perhaps you didn’t see the full dream I had?

  4. Man Tony,
    Let me know if you do hear from the Lord on this. In bible it talks about the Keys of death and hell. I was watching Obama campaign in 2008 on TV for just a few minutes, I watched him talking and knew he was not really telling them what he would do. I turned it off and went back praying and reading my bible. All of a sudden I heard in my head, “He is the Anti-Christ”. Almost everything since then he has done, has been against the Word of God. I am still just watching and waiting to see what happens, but praise the Lord, He will come get us before it gets to bad. We might know the anti-Christ a short time, and the Lord will come for us. I feel the thing that holds back, is the Holy Spirit of God, and when He is taken back, I feel we will be taken about that same time. What are you thoughts on this…
    But remember that Christ took the keys to heaven with Him.

    • I do not believe that Obama is the anti-Christ. I do believe that when he is revealed there will be no guessing as to who he is because the Lord will reveal him to us. As far as the keys go, I am not talking about the keys death and hell. These keys had to do with gaining access to America and taking over. The keys to death and hell are indeed possessed by Jesus.

  5. Hi Tony!
    Could it be not a splitting of power? Or a divided kingdom? A power of one king divided among a foriegn kings. I know I have read this on the bible it seems like during the time of Babylonian empire where the power of one wicked king was taken over and was given to many kings.

  6. Maybe the President is giving the keys (power, authority, government) to the United Nations. I believe that Obama is heavily influenced by George Soros.

    “Crazy George Soros”

  7. Ring could also mean to seal, as a King’s ring would seal or sign something. 3 could mean completeness and/or the number of weeks, months, or years before this happens. I doubt Obama literally gives someone keys, so I think the number of keys is very significant. In my dreams numbers do make up a good portion of the interpretation, maybe that’s just my dreams. Silly that even road signs are significant, not often a street sign is called ‘contract’ especially when I’ve been down that very road before in real life and that road is not called contract. lol

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