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Dreams and Visions

A Sword

I had a dream 9/06/2014 where I saw a sword. Then I heard the following,” a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword is destined for this country. Upon waking I could see a huge sword over the United States and it made a shadow upon the land.  Then I saw what looked like a swarm of locusts descend from the sky. Whether they actually were or not, I don’t know it is how I am describing what I saw. They descended from the sky  at the northern border of the United States and Canada, at the southern border of the United States and Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific Shores and then I saw the land being  razed. I saw state boundary lines disappear as these creatures from the sky destroyed the country. When it was over, America the beautiful had become America the ugly. I am not sure as of this posting what the locusts represent or how they fit into the picture of war. But from photos and movies that I have seen I know that they can devastate a land.  I noticed in the dream that none of the countries that bordered the United States were harmed. Only the United States. Once again, something to take to the Lord in prayer and to ask him for mercy.

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23 thoughts on “A Sword

  1. friendtorobots on said:

    I’ll share this on my Facebook page. Very serious!

  2. Definitely not an interpreter of dreams, but kept seeing the word ~”WORD” ~ in the words… S(Word) (Ephesians 6:17,-19) and famine always follow the locusts. Perhaps a warning for prayer and sharing of the Gospel, so that the famine of Gods Word does not fall on America. ~ Amen :Y

  3. hollandvanjacob on said:

    God said you would be better off never to have known him than to have known him and abandoned his precepts. This government has defiled Gods name. Locusts could represent demons or those God has chosen to punish our nation. Their comes a time when God does not want repentance and sacrifice, he wants blood. I think America has pushed Gods buttons enough where we now have that sort of relationship with him. Hopefully what you saw is Devine judgement after the rapture. I believe America is mystery babylon and all aspects of rev18 are applicable to us and will occur after the rapture. I think your dreams/visions along with the red moon trifecta are warnings for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Pray that you may be counted worthy to stand before the son of man (Luke), and escape that which is going to befall earth!

    • We must remember that the judgements of the Lord are not punitive in nature but redemptive. He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. The wrath of God will come on a day of His choosing. No one knows that day except Him.

  4. This dreams sounds like Ezekiel 21:

    Ezekiel 21: 8-11: “Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, prophesy, and say, Thus saith the LORD; Say, A sword, a sword is sharpened, and also furbished: It is sharpened to make a sore slaughter; it is furbished that it may glitter: should we then make mirth? it contemneth the rod of my son, as every tree. And he hath given it to be furbished, that it may be handled: this sword is sharpened, and it is furbished, to give it into the hand of the slayer.”

    “My Sword Shall Be Bathed in Heaven”

    “The Killer Angels”

    • Powerful word. I heard the words, “a sword”, repeated more times than two as it was in Ezekiel’s prophecy. The more times something is repeated, the more important it is.

      Thanks for sharing this.

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  8. Tony, just catching up with weekend stuff and note this. It is a most important dream.

    Imho it refers to the Islamic call to conquer by the sword and kill those who refuse to convert or be taxed (as Jews/Christians), eg as in Iraq/Syria. It is pure evil.

    Chuck Pierce and associated prophets/intercessors had similar visions of swords over UK in 2005 that required deep intercession and even so there were attacks on London transport – details in Library of prophecies (

    Dr Sharon Stone warned in her words for UK for 2014-16 that threat continues and is probably greater now (see – my transcript was circumspect on this issue). At least our PM is awake to the danger rather than asleep as yours are.

    • As I work through emails I find one sent 5th about sword through American flag. This was the cover graphic to Dr Mike Evan’s first book – Israel: America’s Key to Survival.
      Will forward eml to you

      • Interesting. It never ceases to amaze me that the dreams that I think are way out there or insignificant end up being profound.

      • Think I share in your amazement my friend, eg in ‘coincidence’ added to today’s post (its opening part of what I’d drafted Thursday and now finalising rest).

        Am sure this is how the Lord confirms that we’re hearing/moving within His will under the guiding hand of the spirit of wisdom & prudence, or what he world knows as ‘serendipity’.

      • Indeed it does!

      • Joan OF Arc 77 on said:

        Interesting. Yes confirmation again! U.S. judgements are upon us. I have had visions of destruction, as you are aware Tony– via-tsunami-earthquakes-as well as sneak attack-via 3 planes-biological in nature- after West Coast catastrophic EQ’s happen.

        My vision of Oklahoma 8.2 is on its way. (This is why Texas is shaking-nothing to do with fracking. There is craziness going on under the ground from the origin of Oklahoma. It will rattle the devil’s poop in Texas though and zip along across to the East )

        I will leave a link.

        Yeshua’s visions to me this one particular evening had 3 major events to watch for. Two have happened and been fulfilled. The Ebola & the beheading–the very important news being broadcasted world wide. The only thing left is the Great Oklahoma EQ he showed me. 8.2 and it is so very close. Like a cat ready to pounce. I can feel it–wince when I think of it. (I have a strong feeling that this is the 6th seal opening–and then the 7th seal being opened in quick swift succession as he tells me. Las Vegas. City on 7 hills. Most people think it is Rome–it is not.
        We–U.S.A. are Mystery Babylon. If the Lord tells me…I know it to be the truth.

        On an lighter note–I love Dr. Mike Evans! He walks the walk. I met him and served him at a restaurant. Strangely, there was a lull in business and I had just gotten an email from his website. Two people walked through the door *missionaries, and they said they were waiting for another couple. I asked for a name–they said Dr. Mike Evans. I laughed at the strangeness of it and opened my email and showed his photo…”This Mike Evans?” They nodded yes. When I went to take his order–instead of ordering he took my hand and prayed for me. He also left me a wonderful gracious tip and he treats even the lowliest waitresses so beautiful–Like Yeshua would. Awesome man! May the Lord keep blessing him as he blesses Israel.

    • Richard, do you recall this dream about the beheading of Christians?

      Early the morning of , 03/24/2013, I had a dream just before waking. What I saw in the dream was truly frightening. What was taking place in the dream was Christians, many Christians, were being told to deny Jesus. Those that refused were beheaded. What I saw was Christians in shackles being lead up to a place where they were told to deny Christ. When they didn’t, they were kneeling down and placed their head in a carved put piece of wood that looked like the bottom half of a guillotine. What was remarkable is that no one fought to save his/her life. They were like lambs lead to the slaughter. Those being beheaded did not fight because they were ready to meet their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What dawned on me in the dream was that Muslims behead people.
      I was not given a time frame in the dream as to when this will occur and anything more on my part would be speculation. Could the Antichrist arise out of the Muslim nations? Again this is nothing more than speculation as I was not told any of this. Furthermore, I was not given a time frame on when this will occur, I.e., post, mid, or pre-tribulation. Once again for me to say when would be pure speculation.

      As I was pondering the dream, I saw, in a vision, the man dressed in black with a very large sword in his hand who had been doing the beheading of Christians. This man turned towards me and pointed at me with his sword and said, ” are you ready to die for your faith”,?

      • Sorry no but this link will be informative . Have just finished reading ‘Daniel Revisited’ by Mark Davidson, whose post on Erdogan I reblogged.

        His analyses are thorough concerning these wars between Shiite and Sunni. His latest post on home page gives link to radio interview which I’ve yet to hear but, if you have time you may prefer that to a digging into his blog

  9. Tony: I got an interesting comment on your dream that is on my blog; my reply is here also. Just thought I would pass it along:

    Bread: “the erasure or disappearance of state lines, could that also have anything to do with states rights/constitutional things being taken away etc?”

    Me: “My guess is that this dream is not about states rights or constitutional rights. I believe this dream is about the Lord’s judgment on sin in the United States. It will not be one state or a few states, but all the states will suffer for the wickedness in this country.”

  10. Just thought you would like to read this:

    “How the Lord Will Protect the Righteous When America is Attacked”

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