My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Another Invasion Dream

This is a dream of my daughter’s.

Dream on approximately 8/16/14:
In her  dream there was a large classroom with many desks and several people including my family. The classroom was actually in a large warehouse. In this warehouse there were these large what looked to be like missals or large gray tubes with a red cap on the apex of the tube. Only on one side. The other side I believe to be closed off. These gray tubes had to be large enough to store several hundreds or thousands of people. I remember thinking that. As the teacher or person at the front of the classroom was teaching, they opened the cap of the tube. (The missal/tube was laying on its side, not strait in the air.) I saw how cavernous this tube was. I remember thinking that it could house an army and they could literally hide people in there. Just as I thought that, these men dressed in silver grayish white suits matching the metal of the tube came out. From head to toe they were covered in the silverish color that of the tube. I remember seeing men laying inside the tube on their backs spread apart due to how much room was in the tubes. They all came out and then started shooting at us. At this point in time, I realized I had a gun on me. Now, you would think because I had a weapon that I could use it. I could not. I tried firing several times and it wouldn’t work. I wasn’t prepared to fight the enemy. Although being fired at, I didn’t die. My family didn’t die. Other people may have died, but I didn’t see it specifically. Then the ring leader came out. This guy was dressed as the rest, but he had bullets that he controlled exactly where he wanted them to go. They were in front of him like a floating cloud moving back and forth. He would walk by you and all the bullets would go through you. Weirdly enough he passed by me and I felt the bullets go by, but they didn’t go through me. Again I tried using my gun and this time I cocked it. Still nothing. I was the only one I saw with a gun. We were completely unprepared. We fled.

Interpretation is that the enemy lies in wait to attack when you least expect. The gun, she thinks, is representative of the Word of God and the reason she couldn’t fire it is because she did not know the Word well enough for it to be effective. The enemy, on the other hand controlled the bullets that He was firing.

Let us all study to show ourselves approved unto God and put on the full armor of God and learn how to use the weapons that have been provided for us.

The invasion could be of a spiritual nature and/or a physical one.


Let us all keep in prayer and stay awake


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10 thoughts on “Another Invasion Dream

  1. Marsha on said:

    Hi Tony,
    I just heard another You Tube and it was saying the riots are going to rise and they are going to go after the Children. Several have been stopped by the FBI, and CIA already from starting them. But be ready for it and loaded up to the hilt, on food and ammo and everything. But most of all, Trust the Lord for Protection.
    Sincerely, Marsha

  2. Lisette Defoe on said:

    How interresting!! I love dreaming so much and interpreting dreams. Alas, lately I am not getting any dreams nor seeing visions. Just journaling. I see your daughter has the same gift as you. How awesome is that! Does she blog her dreams too or you just add hers to your blog?

    • Are you kidding? I have to fight with her just to journal them in a notebook.

      • Lisette Defoe on said:

        Hahha. Funny!! It may help if she uses her smart phone just to voice record them. I love that better myself. Just talk in a device. And label them.

      • She has definitely had some very profound dreams

    • You’re not getting anything? No dreams, visions, nothing?

      • Lisette Defoe on said:

        For me they have always been seasonal. One season they flow like daily or weekly. Then a dry season when I get none. But I still hear through journaling. I know I will get lots later in another season. I have books full of dreams and visions. All from different seasons. But none right now.

      • You definitely have some very profound dreams as well. I pray that the Lord will begin the flow once again in your life.

      • Lisette Defoe on said:

        AMEN! I prayed so too and I never know when they start all over again. They just do suddenly. Please pray often when you remember. I love that gift and admire how yours flow DAILY. I receive!!!!

  3. Just this morning this words are keep running on my head and there is something telling me to share this.

    The first word is: “To those who will be given more, more is also expected”
    – I believe the Lord is asking for more on someone so He can pour out His Spirit. He said: I dont give my gift lightly, for those who have given more more is also expected.”

    The Second Word is: “If you seek Me you will find Me, If you seek me with all your Heart” – I believe the Lord is telling to seek HIM sincerely and whole heartedly for this is the way someone will find HIM.

    The Third word is: “Blessed are those that did not see but believed” – I believe the Lord is asking for full faith here. That He is telling to have faith in HIM eventhough we dont have seen HIM or getting dreams from HIM. He is up to our hearts not on our dreams or visions.

    The Fourth word is: “I come for the lost, so they may have salvation also” – The Lord is telling us, His heart is up to the lost, those who still dont know Him that they may also have salvation. I believe the Lord’s is taking extra priority with the lost right now that He may save them as will.

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