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Dreams and Visions

Plotting Against America

I had a dream 07/04/2014 where I was walking along, not noticing anything out of the ordinary, when my attention was drawn to an area where I was that did not look any different from my surroundings. However as I went towards where I was being drawn, I saw a slit as in a curtain. Had my attention not been drawn towards this, “slit” in material, I would have never seen nor noticed it, it was that well camouflaged. I stuck my head in the slit and saw a big table and there were men dressed in black, some without turbans, but most with. There was an individual in the middle who had a large scroll and when he unfolded it on the table, I could see that it was a map of the United States. I then could see various colored push pins being placed on various locations on the map. I noticed a large amount of them, all of different colors were placed in northern California. That is just what stood out in the dream, although there were these push pins in other parts of the map as I stated above. I did not hear any of the discussions that were going on, however, I got the sense that these were attacks that were being planned against the United States. When I pulled my head out of the slit in the fabric I had stuck it in, there was an angel standing with a scroll in his hand which he handed me and I was told to go warn the others.

If you recall, on the July 1, I posted the following:

Early the morning of 07/01/2014 just before waking I had a dream where I saw an ocean and I knew that it was one of the oceans, Atlantic, or Pacific, that met the shores of the United States. What I saw after seeing the ocean was an army, a very vast army, coming up out of the ocean. They were totally black, not, I believe, as in being black as a race, just black They were black and the military clothing that they wore was black as well. It was like seeing a swarm of insects because they spread out as they came out of the water. The word I kept getting in the dream was invasion.

Being that this is day one of the seven days of prayer that many people in the prophetic community are calling on Christians to pray like never before to stay the Lord’s hand of Judgement, I believe that the dream takes on a special significance. Also being that the army in my dream came up out of the ocean means that the army was foreign invaders. Again, I watched them spread like a swarm of roaches across the land as they came up out of the water.

Something to pray about as we begin this seven days of prayer.

Before this on April 28,2014, I posted the following:

I had a dream 04/28/2014 where I saw Muslim men. They were dressed in black, in fact, their entire ensemble from the turbine on their heads to the shoes on their feet was black. I saw them all take their turbins off and place them behind their backs. Then with the other hand I saw them reach around to their backs and pull a large cross that was on a chain around to the front so that the cross was in front. They had not converted to Christianity but wanted people to believe that they had. The black attire reminded me of the clothing worn by Catholic priests. What also comes to mind is the perverted cult that’s gaining popularity called chrislam. Chrislam is a blend of Islam and Christianity.

In October of 2012 I had the following dream/vision:

Mene Mene Tekel Parsin

You may recognize this phrase from the book of Daniel chapter 5 where King Belshazzar ordered the goblets taken from the Lord’s temple to be brought into the feast he was holding and he and his guests drank from the goblets.

The pride and arrogance of this young king was turned to terror when the hand of God appeared and began to write his sentence of doom decreed for him and his people.

Daniel 5:26-28 NIV84

“This is what these words mean:

Mene : God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

Tekel : You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

Peres : Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”

The Medes and the Persians are the Muslims of today. I have seen in a vision an open door. The door in this vision was not left open by accident, it was deliberately opened and the enemy given access to come in. The open door in this vision is to the United States. This is the sense I got and am still getting.

With that said, I had a dream , 10/12/2012. In this dream I saw a procession of people who had a wooden yoke around their heads and their hands were also in the yokes. There were guards on either side of the column of people watching over them as they marched. I could see in the dream a Muslim prayer tower which is used to call Muslims to prayer. At the end of the line of people in the yokes, I saw the United States flag being dragged upon the ground. I believe that it had been tied around the waist of the last person in line and he was dragging it.

There are many similarities between Babylon and the United States. One in particular is the god that they worshiped was nirosch he was symbolized by the eagle, in fact the eagle was on the buildings in Babylon.

The Lord gave Nebuchadnezzar great wealth, power, and glory. He also humbled him when he became arrogant. The king learned his lesson. His son, Belshazzar did not. This arrogance cost him his life and his nation was now controlled by the Medes and Persians.

The color black seems to be running throughout all three of the most recent dreams and I saw a news article online today which ties this together.

The black flag is the flag of jihad, hence, the men in black in these dreams. Our country and our beliefs were attacked overtly and covertly in these dreams.

I urge those who read this posting to pray and see what the Lord would say to you regarding this. If He so leads you to re-blog this post, then do so. If not, then I would encourage you to pray for your country if you are an American and, if not, then I would ask you to pray for the United States.

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22 thoughts on “Plotting Against America

  1. walkingalongancientpaths on said:

    Reblogged this on Ancient Paths and commented:
    Continue to pray for our Nation.
    May God have Mercy on His people
    And may the wicked quickly turn from their ways.

  2. friendtorobots on said:

    I will share this on my Facebook page. Thanks for posting. Very important.

  3. friendtorobots on said:

    Reblogged this on vehayahshammaslul and commented:
    The following prophetic dreams were given to someone whose blog I follow. I believe it is very important for you to read — especially if you are an American.

  4. friendtorobots on said:

    And I will reblog it.

  5. In prayer also for you Tony ,the Dreamer of the Dreams ~ Amen :Y

  6. sandra on said:

    Horrible (f0r the innocent people)
    Seems that America’s plotting (through decennia, like in Srbia/Croatia, Libia, SYRIA> it was an attempt but seemed to be a hard knockle bone for America, so they try to blow another —hypocritical—wind now), is aming at America self. America played a dangerous game: financing the rebels in Syria and ISIS in Iraque,
    the ones they financed may be their masters now. How low IQ can government people have? One day enough is enough and this is turning against a nation. Europe is at the same risk. Europe always kissed America’s ass, so America or Europe: the same. The ‘plebs’ understand why and how, and warns and warns, but is powerless. They don’t seem to act against this serious thread…
    Its biblical: plot and you will be plotted against
    (and betray and act like a hypocrite with Israël and….you lay a curse on you)
    Not surprising
    America is responsible for many useless wars (and therefore: too many dead people) It is their speciality,for decennia, to make war, not love and in the mean time they say ‘God bless America’ (oyes ??) (and Europe idem, cause Europe is America’s puppet)
    Here in Holland the ISIS people stand in groups in the Streets of the Hague, and police is keeping distance.
    In Scandinavia and Brittain, the people are already enormous under intimidation. ENORMOUS.
    In Sweden, women are afraid to go on the streets alone, even men feel threatened.
    There are group rapes. (uk, sw) Social workers and police keep this silent, while they know this is happening
    Why don’t they ask identities ? Why do they accept ?
    That is the strange thing: Nobody dares to make a statement or to speak up! But this ‘strange thing’ is probably a spiritual blindness, or a spirit that makes people apathic>> and shuts them up
    There might be a ‘harder/more sevire master’ now.
    We do adultery, idol worship, protect high placed pedofiles, place boeddha’s in our houses as nice decoration, etc etc so……….yes, what do we expect.

  7. sandra on said:

    Yep Tony,
    I realise this is one big complaint (from me, above), I let myself go, my excuses, and I certainly don’t want to fade the point you want to make: to pray for the country (countries). Also I don’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings… if I did: sorry !

  8. Reblogged this on A Mom Looking Up and commented:
    This is incredible. Brother Tony had these dreams years ago and they now appear to be coming to pass, especially the one about the open door into America. This could very well be the immigration that is being forced upon us by the very ones sworn to protect us!

    • I never considered the open door to be immigration. But now that you mention it, it could very well be what the dream was saying. Good observation!!

      • Well when you had the dream it wasn’t as big of an issue as it is now with the refugee situation. Just kinda jumped out at me.

      • Tony, have you had any dreams concerning Turkey or any thoughts on why the churches Jesus addressed in Revelation are all in Turkey when there were clearly churches elsewhere as well?

      • I have had dreams about churches but none specifically the ones in Turkey. Let me browse through my dreams and visions to see what I find

      • I have had dreams about churches but none specifically about the ones in Turkey. Let me browse through my dreams and visions to see what I find

  9. Pingback: Wolves in Sheep’s clothing | A Mom Looking Up

  10. The curtain symbolises your looking into another realm and the open door could be the one your current admin have opened by embracing M/Brotherhood and other treacherous entities. Also, its corollary across the ‘Pond’ is the tremendous flood of immigrants into Europe with dire, murderous consequences.

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