My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Prophetic Word, June 2014 – part 2

I had a dream and a vision back in 2009 that goes along with the re-posting of the blog by Richard Barker.

I had a dream, in the dream, I saw a human body laying on the ground. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have been anything special except that the body was completely flat because it had no bones in it. What the Lord showed me was that the bones are representative of people and it is people who make up the structure of the church. This is what the Lord had showed me in Ezekiel 37, “the valley of dry bones”. In Ezekiel’s vision, the Lord took him and made him to set down in a valley. The valley is symbolic of death and despair. There were many bones in that valley they were both very dry because they had no covering and they were also scattered, meaning that they were not connected(no relationship). When the Lord asks Ezekiel ,”can these bones live” , Ezekiel knew that bones, were without life and hope of ever having life. Yet the Lord tells him to prophecy to the bones and say,”hear the word of the Lord”. The Lord, through the prophetic word spoken by Ezekiel brought the disjointed bones together,however, bones cannot attach themselves to one another, they need ligaments(relationships) to hold them together. However, the ligaments themselves do not posses the strength to hold the bones together alone. So, wrapped around the ligaments is muscle(representative of leadership, it should be noted here that the leadership in both the vision and the dream played a supporting role in the muscles lent their strength to support the relationships,i.e.the ligaments in the dream.), which brings me to the skin, which is the covering(representative of the church),which brings me back to my latest dream about the body with no bones. Everything heretofore mentioned is needed by/for the skin(church) in order for it to take shape. The skin will adapt to the structure it is covering. The bones are representative of people and it is the people and not a building that make up a church whereby the Lord dwells by His Spirit. Even though Ezekiel saw the body formed, he notes that there is no breath in them. As James says, the body without the spirit is dead, so was the case here in Ezekiel’s vision. It looked like a body but it had no life because the breath had not come into the body. Again he is told to prophecy to the 4 winds and command breath to come into the body and it is at this point that they stood on their feet and became an exceeding great army. The point here that I feel that the Lord is saying is that every part of the body is needed for it to function properly. The body(church) is to be a living organism, not organization, made up of billions of individual cells. Eph. 2:22 says that we are built together for a dwelling place for God by his Spirit. Lastly, Col2:19 says that it is He who puts us together in one piece, whose very breath and blood flow through us. He is the head and we are the body. We can grow up healthy in God only as he nourishes us.

The prophetic word posted by Richard is a continuation of the dream/vision that I had concerning the Lord’s heart for His people to be in relationship with Him and each other.

Richard's Watch

To continue last week’s publication from Glasgow Prophetic Centre, the first part of which is Advance without delay!.: 



God is calling us to a new dimension of living vulnerably with each other.

1 Peter 2:5
You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is asking us, as living stones, to not sit apart, but to allow ourselves to be built together. He is calling us, at this time, to close and personal fitted togetherness.

The Lord is promising His people in this hour a weight of His glory and presence – but only if we get ‘fitted together’. God’s glory will be seen most dominantly in places of unity of the Spirit and collective hunger. This means that we have to be prepared to get alongside each…

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6 thoughts on “Prophetic Word, June 2014 – part 2

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  2. Nicky on said:

    Hello Tony,

    I’ve been looking at your blog for a few months and have seen some insightful interesting posts along the way. Normally, I just pass through and read but when I looked at this particular post from Richard, I was very troubled. I’ve seen this word use and theology before. I’m sorry, but could not walk away without bringing your attention to the particular theology represented in Richard’s post.

    Please don’t feel like posting this comment unless you really feel you need to. I didn’t see an email link to contact you privately but I felt compelled to give you this link for you to look over and pray about.

    I do not have a wish to get into any arguments or debates with anyone. I almost didn’t say anything to you but i felt a strong urging to at least give you this link for your own examination and for you to come to your own conclusions.

    Thank you and have a wonderful week,

  3. Hi Nicky, Your concerns are most appreciated and thanks for the link to an extensively researched and well-written, albeit anonymous blog which I’ve perused.
    I enjoy detailed debate of theological points so understand where anon’s coming from and what may have bothered you. If it’s as important as you believe then the issue merits debate, and as it arose via my blog then I reserve the right of reply at length:
    You may have noted my own observations in this post? As I’ve been monitoring political and church changes in the light of scriptural prophecy I do sense the Glaswegian team is conveying the Lord’s heart for His Church and moving it towards Bridal status. The words actually spoke to me over reactions to brothers in Christ in a recent, intense debate about the ungodly change in marriage. So I have to trust the Lord is going to change their hearts and convict them of denying their sinfulness. To this end a melting of the typical hostility from we orthodox can only be positive as they learn God’s kindness leads to repentance (Rom 2:4)
    Also, I honour that team’s calling because I can personally attest to their leader’s delivering personal prophetic words as rapidly and accurately as our mentor.
    For the record about the above link and similar, imho when assessing becomes in-depth criticism and judgement then one falls into the trap of unwisely ‘building one’s house on sand’ by the simple fact of disobeying Jesus’ instructions in Matt 7. Thus, the possibility of not being allowed into the Kingdom, even committing the unforgiveable sin by insisting something is of satan when it’s originated through Holy Spirit’s action. We have to be very careful on this. (Had we obeyed leaders of a deliverance ministry in which we were trained then my wife would not have been healed from a permanent disability during a visit elsewhere from the leader of the Toronto outpouring!)
    The link’s conclusion asserts Rev 22:18 admonition as definitive prohibition of any further prophecies upon end-time events. This is a weak exegetical understanding, imho, as it’s directed against any perversion in interpretation of the Apocalypse made by those who read into it what Holy Spirit never intended to teach (New Spirit Filled Life Study Bible).
    Logically such a stance could preclude Paul’s revelations and render his letters to the Thessalonians unsound. Furthermore, it would limit God’s sovereignty, would it not? Also, it would mean that Holy Spirit no longer endows the gift of prophecy. That’s cessationism and I suspect the tract’s author may be of that camp?
    Lastly, I noted references to Joel’s Army and Warrior Bride. Yes, I’m wary of ‘Joel’s Army’ exuberant but inaccurate teaching, yet Jesus is a Warrior King and we’ll be part of His post-Rapture army that ravages satan’s (Rev 19). And He will have a Bride who is like him. So it’s better to be a warrior and not a wimp who wants to escape persecution and tribulation. There’s never been anything wrong with militant intercession and spiritual warfare. Some may go overboard on that – but how does the Lord see it?

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