My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Some Further Revelation On Forgiveness Part II

I said in the dream that there had been a tree blocking my car from leaving because it was a large tree and it was planted in the middle of my driveway.  The tree, unlike one would think because it involves unforgiveness and bitterness, was a beautiful tree. However, this was not a fruit bearing tree. I think that this is a significant fact because we were all called as Christians to bear fruit.  The longer  the root goes unchecked the deeper it grows and the taller the tree. I also find it interesting that it is called a “root” of bitterness which tells me that is is being nourished by unforgiveness long before the tree appears. In my dream the tree was large as I have not been in that house for almost 20 years and it was allowed to grow unchecked.   In the dream I also said that when the tree was dug out, not cut down, there was a gaping hole where the tree had once been. The hole is a void in that it is no longer in my life and is therefore like the loss of a friend or family member that cannot be replaced. However, in this case the void was filled by mercy and forgiveness. Mercy and forgiveness along with love are toxic to a root of bitterness.

I am posting a vision that I had a while ago before I had the dreams about forgiveness. One would think that the vision is out of sequence but this is how it happened and I will post it below.


A vision that the Lord gave me for myself a while ago dealing with hurts and wounding of my heart was very cool . In this vision I saw a human heart, mine,  being held in a pair of hands, The heart was wrapped in gauze and I could see that it had dried blood on it meaning that it had been there for a while. Then I saw another pair of hands begin to slowly unwrap the gauze and as the wrapping came off, I saw a heart that was very bruised, had multiple stab wounds, many scabs, and looked almost lifeless. Then I saw the hands that had been holding the heart cup the heart, one hand over the other, so that i could not see it. What I did see was a brilliant white light coming from between the fingers of the hands holding it. When the hands were again open, I saw a new healthy heart.


Forgiveness is a process and requires one to keep their hear before the Lord constantly.

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17 thoughts on “Some Further Revelation On Forgiveness Part II

  1. Carlo D on said:

    Amen! The root of bitterness runs deep
    and will choke out the effectiveness
    of a provided anointing unless it is
    confessed and laid at the foot of the
    Cross of Jesus. Un-dealt bitterness is like a rotten apple in a barrel of apples which is meant as spiritual food.
    Without rooting out that one rotten apple, it will tend to affect the rest of the fruit in a non-productive manner.

  2. Bongani on said:

    Yes dats man of God

  3. sandra on said:

    Beautiful, this article

    • Thank. You Sandra.
      I really think that you should pray about starting your own blog. The Lord is showing you quite a bit and I believe others will be blessed as Debbie and I have.

  4. Lisette Defoe on said:

    Something that we keep learning over and over. How to forgive.

    • Just when you think you have forgiven then God reveals another layer and you go through the process again

      • Lisette Defoe on said:

        I can relate!!!

      • Good to see you back on line!

      • Lisette Defoe on said:

        Coming and going. Haha. I have been journaling more lately, but havent taken the time to post. Figuring out a new theme to add. Down time it will be done. Things have started moving fast towards those promises and it is taking me a while to get on here….

      • Before I started this blog the Lord told me that I would touch nations.

      • Lisette Defoe on said:

        Imagine that!!! You are now!! Wow!!! See the nations represented in those reading your blogs! Read the scripture i shared just now in the other reply… And then I red this…. You will touch nations. Wow!

  5. God is a creative genius. That is strikingly beautiful Tony. The image will stay with me forever and will be applied to my own bruises.

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