My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Forgiveness Part II

A while back I had a dream that made no sense at all. In the dream I was at my old house. I have not lived there for almost 20 years. Back to the dream. In the dream there was a very large tree planted in of all places, my driveway. I could not imagine who would have done such a thing. I couldn’t imagine that I would be dumb enough to do it because it totally blocked my driveway so I was stuck there. The dream did not make sense until yesterday when my wife and I were talking about it and the Lord gave her the interpretation that although I left physically, I did not leave spiritually because there was a great wounding that I experienced there and great betrayals from many of my friends because of a church that we had been attending fell apart. I will not go into detail here on this blog but suffice it to say that the old saying, “time heals all wounds”, is not true. Time simply allows them to be buried but, unless dealt with, not healed. The fact that there was a very large tree preventing me from leaving my old home tells me that what started out as a small root of bitterness ended up becoming a large tree. I have been seeking the Lord and asking Him to help me to forgive those who wounded me.  I saw in a vision shortly after I began to forgive a huge front end tractor loader coming down the street. On the side of the vehicle was written the word, “love”. After the tree had been removed, there was a huge hole there. What fills it is mercy and forgiveness. If I said that revisiting this has made it instantly better, I would be lying. However, little by little I am taking these situations and events and people before the Lord.  I trust in His goodness mercy and loving kindness.

See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled; (Heb 12:15)



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11 thoughts on “Forgiveness Part II

  1. It is very true that time doesn’t heal all wounds – at least not well. If we don’t treat them they cause more problems.

  2. Love the imagery of this dream ~ and its truth.

    • Thank you. It’s funny because in life I am a visual learner and it is in my dreams that the Lord uses imagery to speak and to show me things.

  3. sandra on said:

    Hi Tony
    I’m glad for you that the Lord showed you this vision so you forgave.
    Separations hurt, and also when people – especially brothers and sisters- don’t treat eachother right
    Very good, about the tree ! Confronting too. But absolutely helpful for you. And because of that, tender too.
    I recognize what you say: that you don’t feel obvious relieve, and that this goes step by step. But eventhough you don’t feel relieved at once, you’re free from it now.
    There are people I had to forgive (at least) 7×70 times and as time passes the hurt slowly disappears to a background. (and sometimes it can pop up again, anger too, this is a trick)
    Once I had a dream, it was more a text/short message : ‘if you have something against someone you keep this person in captive’
    I was very surprised, it would be more obvious to think: if I have something against someone, I hold MYSELFE in captive. (and ofcourse this is so)
    But the other person?
    So I don’t know if it was biblical, cause it would mean that if someone has something against ME, I would be in captive (!) And sometimes you don’t even know if someone has something against you, so that’s not so fair ! There is always someone who has something against the other, and then we would be always in captive, wondering why we feel the way we do. Strange. So I don’t think that can be the case.
    The Holy Spirit will point ‘the finger’ on us, these things are sometimes confronting, but He does that out of love for us. He knows us better than we know ourselves.
    Greetings to your wife Debbie
    And blessings !

    • Sandra, what I think that the text dream means is what the Lord told his disciples when He said, “what you bind on earth is bound in heaven”. That is what I think in that unforgiveness binds the Lord from working in the offending parties life. I agree with you in that there can always be someone out there with something against you. I would think that if you knew that you offended someone and did not seek to get it made right then perhaps the other party’s unforgiveness towards you would bind you. Again this is only what I think.

  4. I mentioned on Part 1, how my husband and I had been worship leaders of a small church. Things went bad, we left, we tried to talk with the leaders, but they would have nothing to do with anything we said. We were hurt and as artists and worshippers go, we are sensitive.
    God uses things to speak to me. Yesterday on my walk in the woods I found a beautiful root, smooth and curled in a fascinating way, just laying on top of the ground. I told the Lord if it wasn’t attached to a tree I would keep it as a prophetic symbol…then I understood my own bitter root as I easily lifted it off the ground.
    I am getting ready to teach a class called The Way of Agape- it’s all about God’s love and I am only sharing this because I am a total mess and God is using your visions to draw me closer to Him through forgiveness. He is so loving and there is nothing I can do to earn that love. I am going to use that root on the first day of the class. I am so thankful for the tutorials from our own lives, so we can share His love. And that’s what you are doing by sharing your dreams and visions. Thank you!

    • As a fellow worship leader I know about sensitivity. I lead worship in many churches and at many home groups. The dream about the tree was especially hard to bear because it involved so many people who had turned on me and my wife who had done nothing wrong to any of them. I can remember my wife and I pushing a shopping cart down the isle of our local supermarket and seeing a former church member change isles because they did not want to associate with us. The church dissolved because of the pastor’s many infidelities. I remember on the last day that I was there I had just got done with worship and I felt the grief and the broken heart of the Holy Spirit. I have never experienced grief like that in my life. It was so intense. Forgiveness is tough especially when the root has become a tree

    • I would love to find out more about the class you are teaching.

      • It is an oldie but goody called The Way of Agape by Nancy Missler. The second is Be Ye Transformed. I took the class in 1999 and when I look around me I struggle to find anyone teaching these meaty principles. Now I am humbled to discover i need it more than ever! Oh well, more of the truth will set me free and I love your perspective of unforgiveness. I had that perspective visually: When i do not forgive someone who has done me wrong I see myself in a prison cell, gate locked, no key and standing next to me is the very person who hurt me. When I forgive that person, the prison door swings open and we both have the chance to exit and heal!… but now, to understand that it spiritually binds me is true! I have experienced the fruit of that truth. We’re havin’ church now!

      • I love doing church God’s way!!!!

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