My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

San Fancisco Earthquake

Just before I awakened this morning, 05/15/2014, I saw the golden gate bridge, What I saw was that it was moving as if it were a snake slithering along the ground.  This to me indicates an earthquake and I am reminded of the vision that I am posting below.

  I had a vision June 4, 2010 .  In this vision I could see the Golden Gate
Bridge in San Francisco.  The next part of the vision is where things get very bizarre.  I saw what looked like a mouth in the earth and as
the earth opened its mouth the city of San Francisco was completely consumed. The I saw the earth shut its mouth and it was as if the city of San Francisco never existed as there was no trace of it left.

Until recently, I could not fathom how an entire city could be swallowed, that is, until I began seeing and reading about sink holes occurring in various parts of the world. However, in the vision I describe below, the earth not only opened its mouth like a sink hole, but it closed it  as well leaving no trace of the city that once was.

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16 thoughts on “San Fancisco Earthquake

  1. Marsha on said:

    Tony, you know that place is one of the most sinful in the United States, and it would not surprise me at all if the Lord did do that. But remember when the earth opened up when the people of Moses rebelled and then closed again?

  2. Lisette Defoe on said:

    Scary! Many sink holes indeed lately!

  3. voiceinthewilderess on said:

    What comes to me? The mouth of HELL is WIDE OPEN Repent ! God is about to Judge San Francisco!

  4. This ‘the earth opening its mouth and closing up’ is similar to how God dealt with Korah and two of his ‘henchmen’ when they stirred up rebellion against Moses and Aaron, considering themselves equal to them. Because of their rebellion, 250 of the children of Levy, the priests of the Lord, were persuaded to rebel as well. This is similar to the rebellion in heaven of Lucifer who convinced 1/3 of the angels of heaven to side with him. (Numbers 16)

    San Francisco has also set the stage to bring rebellion against God and through their example, they have unleashed evil for many more to rebel against God. God has sent many to warn them, calling them all to repentance but because of their persistent refusal and rebelled even more openly in complete defiance towards God, this judgment is coming.

    Recently, there has been notice of significant movement along the Andreas Fault runs right through San Francisco and other cities along the western edge of California. Here is a link to a map showing the fault line:

    • Except in this case there is a warning

    • Being that a warning is given it is for the purpose of praying. In the case of Korah there was no warning given but instead there was a verdict of judgement.

      • Yes, God has been giving warnings for years but for some, they listened but for most, they have rejected them. It was the effect of the earth opening its mouth and closing behind that is very similar to your dream. There was a warning given to all those who were near Korah, Abiram and Dathan’s tents, to move away from them. Grant it, this warning was given just prior to God’s judgment but a warning was given to those near where God was about to bring judgment.

      • That does not mean that those who God has spoken to about this should sit back and do nothing and wait for Gods judgement. God’s not willing that any should perish inbthe flames of hell but that all should come to repentance. Noah warned the people of his day up until God sealed them in the ark. Can we as believers do any less?

      • Never implied this at all. The purpose of the warnings of God is first and foremost a call to repentance but for those already saved, it is a call to intercession. Sorry for not mentioning this as I consider this “SOP” (standard operating procedure) for all Christians. It is good to both remember this and to remind us all that we are also involved in God’s redemption of mankind. Once we come to Christ, we also come into the mind and purpose of Christ in this world, seek and to save all those who are lost and part of this is to speak the truth in love as guided by the Holy Spirit and do all the Holy Spirit reveals for us to do as individuals. One may sow, another water and another reap what was sown. The standard operating procedure throughout is prayer and intercession for unless we are guided by the Holy Spirit, nothing gets accomplished. Life comes from Jesus (the Word made flesh and now risen) and when we speak what the Spirit of the Lord speaks, life is the result (Isa. 55:11). He continues to make intercession before the Father without ceasing and we too are commanded to pray without ceasing. To me, this is just as important for us to do as breathing is to our bodies. We do not forget to breath and so we should never forget to pray. Just as Jesus said in John 15, without Him, we can do nothing. This means we are to remain in a constant state of relationship with Him and this is accomplished through always setting our minds and hearts on the things from above and inclining our ears and our hearts always before Him to learn of what He desires for us to do. Like John, we lean in to Jesus to know His heart. This is what prayer looks like.

      • Well Said

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