My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Forgivness, The Cross, Binding and Loosing

Whenever you forgive sins, they are forgiven. Whenever you don’t forgive them, they are not forgiven.”
(Joh 20:23)

I had a dream 04/27/2014 where I was kneeling at the foot of the cross. I could see the feet of Jesus, however, there was no blood coming down. This is significant because the word says the following:

As Moses’ Teachings tell us, blood was used to cleanse almost everything, because if no blood is shed, no sins can be forgiven. (Heb 9:22)

No Blood, no forgiveness. I turned around, in the dream, and saw people that had wounded me deeply. Betrayal is a deep hurt especially when it comes from close friends and family, however, it still must be forgiven. I, in essence, by not forgiving was blocking them from coming to the cross and receiving forgiveness. When I forgave, the blood flowed and then I got out of the way so that those who had hurt me could come to the cross as well and I was no longer an obstacle in their path.


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7 thoughts on “Forgivness, The Cross, Binding and Loosing

  1. A revelation everyone needs now. Thanks.

    • It’s a tough thing to do but one that must be done if we’re going to move on with the Lord. If we’re going to be like Jesus and walk as He did then we can expect to be betrayed as He was.

  2. Wow, very powerful!
    From the prayer Jesus taught and this verse in Mat 6:14-15 “For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses” I always saw forgiveness as something that was only good for the one who forgives, especially if the other person doesn’t want forgiveness, but this vision sheds new light, thank you!

  3. Hi,

    Do you mean that if for example you sin against me and then repent and ask for forgivness both from me and God, that I have the last word, not God, by saying that I will never forgive you? If God wants to forgive, and you repent, how can I shut your door to God then?

    And what happens if I die before I forgive you? Are you done for then? Doomed?

    How then could david be forgiven for killing Uriah? He could not forgive David since he was dead, but God forgave.

    Please help me understand.

    Maby you could send me an email?

    • I believe that Jesus paid the ultimate price for forgiveness for sins and it is He and not I nor anyone else for that matter that determines where you will spend eternity. What I was speaking about is when you don’t forgive someone, you in essence make a jail cell for the 2 of you. By the way the jail cell was a vision that was shared with me so I am using it here to explain what I mean. In fact, in Matthew 18:34, the word torturer actually means prison keeper. When the person in the jail cell forgave her offender, 2 people went free. We forgive because we have been forgiven. As far as Uriah goes, David repented of his sin and since Uriah, as you mentioned, was not around to accept his plea for forgiveness, God, I believe acted in place of Uriah.

      I think everyone of us has things that we have both said and done that, if given the chance would take back and undo the damage that we did, however, in most instances, we can’t. When I am reminded of someone I hurt who is no longer in my life and most likely will not be because of distance and time, I pray for that person to be healed of the wound and pain caused by my actions. I believe that God forgave me . When there is nothing you can do to make a situation right then all you can do, if possible, is go to the individual(s) you offended and ask for their forgiveness. If they refuse then it is between them and God, and, as I stated above, it is Jesus alone that determines eternity. With that said, I do not believe that this gives you the right to blow the offense off just because you asked for forgiveness. At least for me, I believe that I have an obligation to continually pray for the person for God to heal them.

      You asked me to email you but did not provide an email address.

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