My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Russia & China Coming to the USA?

I had a dream 02/19/2014 and in the dream I saw 2 fighter jets and got the sense, in the dream, that they were headed to the United States. The 2 jets in my dream each had one cable attached to them and they both were connected to a single flag that was like a banner flying behind them. The flag was a combination of the 2 countries China & Russia’s flags. I have never seen anything like this before.

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18 thoughts on “Russia & China Coming to the USA?

  1. Hi Tony, you may be interested in this news in view of your dream
    PS Israel’s already got a good diplomatic relationship with Russia.

    • Very interesting Richard. What is your take on my dream?

      • It seems China is getting on the band wagon. Someone told them God blesses those that hold Israel in high esteem, they evidently believe their is some credence to that Christian belief. Whereas we are going to catch the backside of a Gods promises….that being the curse on those who turn their backs on Israel. That could have something to do with Russian and China’s jets , in an apocalyptic setting , becoming confrontational with the U.S. remember Daniel and his warning to the man of perdition, ” beware of the kings of the east” .

  2. I enjoy your blog very much and believe your dreams are right on target! God Bless-Marty

  3. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Now that is different, and I would not surprise me if it happens. Marsha

  4. It might be that Russia and a China are joined at the neck in a concerted effort to bring the U.S. Down. I might add that neither of those two country’s are stupid. They are much more stratigically united when it comes to defending their homeland. I believe our nation is one referred to biblically speaking as a house divided, and as we war against ourselves internally they are going to take full advantage of it!

  5. I’m not sure if you already know but China just recently broke their signed agreement with the Ukraine to side with Russia against America and the European Union.

    • Scary times we are living in. Haven’t hear from you in a while. All is well I presume? Any dreams as of late?

      • Yes, I’ve actually had a couple and was thinking about getting around to writing them tonight. I have not had a chance to sign in here and write in a bit but have been reading your posts as I get them directly to my email, and when I was listening to some news updates today online I thought of your above dream. Everything is well with me though. My dad shared with me the other day that he had a dream of a sudden worldwide destruction and people were running aorund trying to hurry and get food and water and then trying to hide under ground. He said it was cataclysmic. Then my brother said that last week he dreamed there was a big event and people were looking up in the sky at a coming light then there was a big flash followed by a vibration that shook the earth. So Ive been thinking about these things. I plan to update my blog with some of my own recent dreams too.

  6. deepintothewellsoflivingwater on said:

    I was reminded while reading this, the Lord brought back to remembrance this of Germany, China and Russia…. I believe this is indeed confirmation,,,

    As I lay still before the Lord a huge wall of water like a tidal wave but straight up stood up so high I cannot even tell you the height of it. All of sudden like a huge wave it came down upon the ground.

    September 17th-
    As I lay still before the Lord- it was as if I was in a huge warehouse as though in Spirit I was brought to a huge wooden box appeared to be 4ft, wide by 4 tall. Than it was as though I was brought closer to it and the lid was pushed over to the side so I could see in. I knew by revelation given immediately in spirit these were mass weapons of destruction. I was than showed a symbol on the outside of the box. The symbol upon the box was Germany!

    While being still before the Lord another vision came before me.
    A long dark tunnel than as though I was walking through it…
    all of a sudden it opened up and appeared to be a warehouse underground, long deep and wide in appearance. A light shown before me but darkness on both sides. It was though I came closer and saw huge missals barred across and pad locked. Some things I did not have revelation of what they were.
    Shelves and shelves of what appeared to be bombs and than more wooden boxes lined upon one side of a wall.
    Again more symbols of -CHINA!

    As I lay still before the Lord a vision came before me-

    I saw what appeared to be a map as though it zoomed closer I saw the Letter R. On the arch of R hung a padlock. All of a sudden what appeared to be a missile, a plane zoomed directly through the hole/arch of the R . I than saw the padlock fall off of the arch. As I watched it drop I than saw the word upon the map-RUSSIA. I than saw what appeared to be chain links linking this word to others but could not see the linking of the other words, than the vision stopped.

    It was though I was holding a map at first sight before me but then I saw each side rolled up as one long piece of paper flat before me, It appeared to be a scroll. I could not see what was upon it only that it was a brownish tan in color appearing to be of very old.

  7. deepintothewellsoflivingwater on said:

    the chain link in the visions the Lord brought forth, show the links between them and the connections…when the padlock falls Russia will rise up and fall in line with China and Germany.

    • Sounds like you get some of the same visions and dreams that I do.

      • deepintothewellsoflivingwater on said:

        The Spirit of the Lord is abiding within His chosen people moving and having His way within our being, Praise Jesus! Yes the Spirit of the Lord bears witness and I thank God for that. The Lord bless and keep you and look forward to hearing more of what the Lord is giving His true people. The apostasy has reached far and wide, NOW watch the people of God arise and shine for the Glory of the Lord is upon His chosen people for they shall bring in the last of the harvest and they will not keep them for themselves as the false shepherds and wolves did Ezekiel 34 speaks plainly of this,,, for Gods holy people will bring them to the Lord!

  8. deepintothewellsoflivingwater on said:

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