My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

End of America

I had a dream/night vision 01/09/2014/ In the dream I saw a casket draped with the American Flag. The casket was sealed but I could see inside the casket. What I saw was the White House and Congress, essentially our government, inside the casket waiting to be  buried. I don’t recall seeing anybody else, however, I did see a lone Marine with a bugle playing taps.


What comes to mind here is that the casket was not yet buried like the funeral at a city called Nain which Jesus and His disciples encountered. In that scenario, Jesus stopped the funeral procession and raised the woman’s child from the dead. We need to pray for our country. I do not know if any of us grasp the dire straights that America is in. We need to pray for America.

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5 thoughts on “End of America

  1. Marsha on said:

    Tony, it has been said for a long time that a bomb needed to be dropped on Washington while in session, with the leader there also. Others have said to drop a bomb on the United Nations to get them out of our country. But I feel that the Muslims may do the job for us sooner than we think they will. Israel is our only allies with any gumshion to do anything. We need to pray for Israel and hope when it starts that the people of the Lord will rise up and pray and take our country back over. But just assuredly if we do, the Anti-Christ will rise up and the one world government will take over. We need to put our trust in the Lord, that He is coming for us soon. Sincerely, Marsha

  2. Tony, I love your faith brother! America used to walk upon the water, walking by faith. But like Peter we’ve began to sink, on the verge of death. Like Peter we must cry out to God in the midst of our doubt, instead of swimming trying to survive, and I know God can turn it around! (Matthew 14:29-31)

  3. We do need to pray for America!

  4. We are in the final Hours and we as a Nation are in need of much Prayer.

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