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Dreams and Visions

Projector Screen

I had a dream 12 / 22/2013.  In the dream I remember walking into what I’ll  call an auditorium. I remember that there were seats on both sides and that I was walking down the aisle between the 2 of them.  I remember my eyes becoming bright, very bright. Then I saw a screen drop down from the stage in the auditorium.  That’s where the dream ended.  I can only guess here that the light coming through my eyes was the light of the Lord and this was discernment.


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21 thoughts on “Projector Screen

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Very possible so. I have prayed that when the Lord comes, He takes all my family at once. Then it dawned on me yesterday, just came to my head that since we are all getting together on Christmas Eve, that at 6:00 pm that day He may come and take all of us at one time. I have had the feeling that next year as we know it is not coming, that He may come for us sooner. So many signs are out there, Hanukkah came on Thanksgiving this year the first time in since 1888, and it won’t happen again for 77,000 years. Jesus celebrated Hanukkah before His death.

    Also the blood red moons all on Jewish holidays coming in April on Passover, and will continue to happen into 2015 all on Jewish holidays. Also there will be solar eclipses during this time, which normally mean bad times for the world as a whole., where red moons always have something going on with Israel during the times, and they all fall on Jewish Holidays. In 1967 this happened and they were attacked by Egypt, and some other countries and defeated them. But it was a surprise attack. It happened in 1948 when they became a Nation by the UN and everyone celebrated. These blood red moons and solar eclipses will not happen together like this for another 400 years or 4000, I can’t remember now. But a long time anyway. So should we be preparing our hearts for the Lord possible coming before the end of the year? Because I feel something is about to happen in Israel, my husband and I both dreamt about Israel two nights ago, we both had dreams about it, different but on the same subject.

    So be your own judge, I am not setting times, but it seems to fit with what may be coming on the world. Sincerely, Marsha

  2. Lisette Defoe on said:

    Short but sweet

  3. Tony, are you by chance afraid to see God’s face? I think I am… I want to and afraid. Like the jews in the desert, the wanted only Moses to speak to God, because they were afraid… Maybe that’s why your dream ended…

    • There’s a difference between being afraid of God and being afraid of God. God wants you to fear Him for your own good. Adam & Eve were afraid of God because they were hiding from him because they had sinned.

    • I do fear seeing Him face to face though.

      • I have exactly the same feeling only not in dreams, just when I think of all God’s holiness altogether, and little me, before Him, my screen also drops, and blank, reverent fear (not fear, but fear, not sure how to explain). But it just occurred to me, Jesus suppose to be a filter for us. Like the glasses we use to watch an eclipse. God will see no evil in us, white as snow… Maybe that will help you go pass the screen?…
        Although you have this whitewash thing going on… I don’t know, maybe we feel like we need more repentance? I don’t know, just thoughts.. associations…

      • The blood of Jesus covers confessed sin. The whitewashing has to do with unconfessed sin. People want to paint it white and then feel that ask is well when it’s not.

      • That’s what I mean… Sorry, I feel I confused you. I personally feel like I confessed stuff to the Lord, but I still have some confessing to do to the people. That’s probably Spirit convicting me, kind of showing me the better way out of my troubles. I thought it may be similar in your case. But hey, I don’t know, really…

      • Conviction is the Lord’s nudging. Condemnation, on the other hand, is Satan’s way of always keeping you away from a loving God

      • Yeah,… sometimes they look very similar…

      • Satan comes as an angel of light

      • πŸ™‚ although it’s not funny. still πŸ™‚

    • That’s good insight Oksana

  4. Hi Tony, this was the 1st email notification of yours I came across working through my weekend’s in-tray and agreed instantly with your ‘guess’.

    The dream symbolises your gifting and promises its much greater enhancement, for your prophetical strength is as a visual ‘seer’ realm rather than a vocal ‘utterer’.

    It also portrays your entry into a cinema where what’s to be played isn’t going to be on the existing screen but one that appears as you walk toward the front. That is, not at all what an audience would expect but something entirely different and will come not from a projectionist running a film but from the light within you. (You’ve no doubt checked what Jesus said about ‘eyes’.)

    Also, as in a normal auditorium, no attention is paid to occupants (or observers, in this case) just to what’s being presented up front. I’m reminded of the ‘Pathe News’ played between films as a short newsreel in 1940-70s when TVs were not in every home. So my interpretation of this dream is that you and others are not only going to watch the ‘prophetic’ news but also you’re going to its broadcaster!

    Please weigh and test my notions in your spirit.

  5. Just as we were logging off for holiday an email was recv’d dated 20/12 from our friend connected with Glasgow’s prophetic centre and so I printed it to read over lunch. It reminded me of what I’d excluded above, thinking you may have recalled my blog about Rosh Hashana and a new season (

    So here’s the part of the email relevant to your dream:

    We are a few months into the Jewish New Year of 5774. This year has prophetic significance.
    In Hebrew each letter possesses a numerical value and a pictorial meaning and as you apply this, the number 74 being β€˜70’ and β€˜4’ give substantial meaning.
    β€˜70’ relates to the ability to perceive, to grow in spiritual and prophetic insight and β€˜4’ refers to a door or gate or portal.
    Therefore we are in the year of the open door with a growing and continual discerning being revealed!
    The door is open ready for us to go through, we don’t even have to open it!
    Doors are pivotal moments in our transition to go form one place to another.
    We are in a year to go through and enter in.
    It talks about a new focus and new direction, maybe the end of one thing and the beginning of another.
    Rev 4:1-2 talks about the door and showing us what things will take place next.

    • I do remember having a dream a little while back where I saw am open door. I also remember hearing that once I crossed the threshold, there was no turning back.

  6. Here is a dream that I had that is similar to yours:

    “Jericho (A Dream)”

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