My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

The Dollar Worthless?

I had a night vision on 12/19/2013 . In the dream I was seeing newspaper headlines in very large bold print saying things like, “The Dollar Collapses”, ” The Dollar Worthless” . I then saw a sight of what looked like a riot where there were fires in the streets and cars overturned, store windows broken into and looting occurring. Being that the Dollar was worthless, people could not buy so they instead stole. I also saw in the dream the third horseman described in revelation, the one with the scales in his hands. It seemed that wherever he rode, economies were decimated. I had another dream and vision a little while ago which I believe goes along with this dream which I will post below.

I had a dream 3/4/2013. In this dream I saw a Tsunami sized wave hit New York. The wave hit the financial areas, banks, stock markets, NASDAQ, etc. A Tsunami has to be triggered by an earthquake. So an event, which was not disclosed to me in the dream, will most likely trigger this financial Tsunami. As the wave hit I saw building after building topple and fall into other buildings which means that the crash of one will trigger the crash of the next. I saw in the aftermath the devastation of what had occurred. I saw buildings once standing proudly, a key word here, now on their sides in the water that the Tsunami left. What I heard in the dream was the following Scripture, Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law. (Rom 13:8) I had a vision in November of 2012 I believe is related to this dream. In this vision I saw homeless people dressed in shabby clothing and they were standing over a barrel that had a fire going in it to keep warm. What was odd here is that it wasn’t wood or newspaper that they were burning. It was money that they were using as fuel to stay warm, They were burning the currency of the US to keep them warm.

This tells me that the dollar would be worthless which means savings account, 401K’s , pension plans, etc. would also be worthless.

One of the last things I heard in the dream is to owe no man anything which is a warning not to incur debt and to pay off any debt, if possible, that you may now have

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12 thoughts on “The Dollar Worthless?

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Tony, The main way the dollar would collapse would be for the rapture to occur. Because most of the people paying their taxes are Christians, and when we are gone the whole world economics will collapse in one day. So remember that all the people that are trustworthy of Yeshua, will be gone to heaven, and evil will be left here on earth. This Christmas to Jan. 4th could be high watch days for the Lord to come for us. Marsha

    • Not so Marsha.

      • Marsha, Jeaus is very upset with people going around saying that the rapture is going to happen soon, and especially with all the date setting. Prophecy has to be fulfilled first, and Jesus’ bride has to be refined during the tribulation. Then He will come. The Holy Spirit has been telling me that not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will enter into His kingdom. Only those who do the father’s will, and you can only do His will by listening to His voice and obeying. You can only hear His voice if you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus has been speaking to His people about preparing both in the spiritual and the natural for hard times to come. He is not taking us out before things get really rough, but He promises to get us through it if we are truly walking with Jesus. This was a wake up call to me. When Jesus spoke to me and said He was about to judge America for its sins, I was full of pride and thought he was judging this country because of all the non-Christians dragging the country into immorality. He revealed to me later that it was especially because of those Christians who call themselves by His name, but go on sinning- the lukewarm, complacent church that hasn’t repented- they are the reason judgment is coming upon this country, and the whole world. That sobered me up! I was one of them! Jesus said that if you think you stand, take heed lest you fall. He is calling His bride to holiness, so we have enough oil (Holy Spirit) in our lamps to make it through persecution and tribulation without forsaking Him. Most of His people are asleep, expecting to be whisked away at a moment’s notice- He wants us to be sober, watchful, alert, prayerful, always waiting to hear His voice instead of listening to all of these false teachers the American church has heaped up for itself- those who twist scripture for an ear tickling message the people will accept.

      • Powerful word!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your dream. I had one about a week ago where I was surrounded by darkness, at a store I was trying to use two blocks/cubes of sugar to purchase a slice of ham. When I woke up It was so confusing why would I be using sugar to buy ham?… Your visions/dreams are full of insight… :0)

  3. Having no debt is an awe insight…

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