My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Meteors Falling to Earth

I had a dream  12/03/2013 where I was floating in outer space and from my vantage point I could see the earth. I then began to see meteors flying by me of all sizes. Some very big and some small. I remember them passing by me and me moving out of the way of one of the bigger ones. All of them in the dream were headed towards the earth. The verse that comes to mind is the one from the book of Revelation .

And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs when she is shaken by a mighty wind.
(Rev 6:13)
 I am not saying that my dream is the fulfillment of this scripture just that it was what came to mind when I was typing this posting


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17 thoughts on “Meteors Falling to Earth

  1. Whoa I’m finding some info about it too. Looks like we might be hit by a astoriod in 30 or 40 years, if not sooner.

  2. Sounds like NASA just discovered it, and their trying to cover it up.

  3. One night last week I was sitting on my deck. I live in the country and at 11 pm, it is quite dark outside. Looking up at the night sky, I could see stars very clearly. I’m not sure I would call it a vision, but I had this overwhelming feeling of floating to the stars and being surrounded by space. While sitting there that night, I saw four “shooting stars”. This experience came back to me after reading this post.
    Just thought I’d share.


    • That is an awesome vision Marcia. Did you post it to your blog?

      • No, but after reading your post, I may. A day or two afterwards I told my husband about it but, like I said, I never considered it a “vision”. I am not sure what constitutes a “vision”, having been raised in a Christian home but one that has never discussed such things. However, I was just telling my mother that lately such things have been happening to me: a dream I had a few years ago will “show up” in someone else’s blog post or article with striking similarity and I have been having moments where I’ll become completely absorbed in a thought where my surroundings kind of disappear and all I can focus on is the thought, like I am seeing through my mind’s eye. Does that make any sense? I’m nobody in the scheme of things, but I do feel led as a Watchman, though never gave any thought to prophecy or visions. I look forward to browsing through your past posts, now that I’ve found you.


      • Feel free to browse and comment as you like. It is always good to meet a fellow watchman.

    • Veronica on said:

      Vision dreams and prophecy… Acts 2-17-20.

      God speaks to us through dreams visions. How can we know these dreams and visions come from God? It’s all in our Holy Spirit which was given to us from Christ who lives in us to be able to speak directly with our Lord God. Hey I highly reccomend fasting. Why fasting? Hmm our flesh (body) lives off what? Food and water. Without food and water we may die from starvation and dehydration.. What about your Holy Spirit??? Can I live without it’s (F)ood – (F)asting and (W)ater – (W)ord of God the bible? And praying is a given!! Try to fast very little. If say 2-3 hours. In the Bible God spoke to all mankind through the spirit. Moses when he left from Egypt hiding from Pharoh saw a tree on fire.. (Vision)
      Joseph before his brothers sold him to Egyptians as a slave had a dream .. These are examples the God that spoke with our ancestors years ago is the same God now. This is a spiritual war.. Things that the flesh can’t see but the spirit can. Amen. Try it fast present your fast to The Lord. During fast pray and read the word. Maintain put and you will notice many things your visions become clear dreams as well and then u will suddenly start prophesying .. Speak from experience!! That’s why many pastors speak of the word but not much about the spirit in us who live (Christ) we need to wake up our spirits!! So he can overflow in us. .. Please consider this week a fast.. One week don’t hurt to try. God is real and Good. Amen!

  4. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Tony, Well if the Rapture is coming soon, that make be what will have. ISON is coming soon and it might be what will be happening. So it might have been the Lord tell you, that we will be going up to Heaven. ISON comet was broken up they said, but it will be coming soon. Marsha

    • We need to pray that the Lord would save as many as possible and not to be concerned about the rapture. It will happen in the Lord’s time and not ours.

  5. LightWriters on said:

    I had a similar dream…of great fireballs tumbling from the sky…I believe God speaks through dreams, signs, and wonders, and and that many times the dreams He gives us are ‘signposts’ along life’s highway. Profound to read the dreams you have to share. God bless and keep you in every way.

  6. Tina vigfusson on said:

    I’m 47 and saw a meteorite fall this summer,looked like a lime green light streaking down with a explosion of lime light that filled the sky as it came to the horizon! Never seen anything like it before!

  7. Confirmation I had similar vague vision of fireballs falling from the sky. Date of dream 13/12/13.

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