My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

New Beginnings

Just as I was dozing off 10/15/2013, I had a vision/dream, I am not sure what to call it. What I saw was myself sitting in a chair in what I will call a hospital delivery room. Then a newborn baby wrapped in a white blanket was handed to me to hold. I do not believe that the “baby” is necessarily a real baby, but, as the title of my post suggests, it is indicative of new beginnings which is the word I feel that the Lord dropped into my spirit today. I also feel that it has to do with ministry. It is an honor to be given such a precious gift from the Lord to care for.

What’s strange is that this is the 3rd dream that I have had about babies.

The first dream is when my family and I were directed to leave the traditional church as we had known it, He gave me a dream. In the dream I was standing in the sanctuary of the Church my family and I had been attending when all of a sudden I heard my wife scream from the foyer, ” my water has broken”. Now, when mama says that her water has broken, it’s not time to have a family meeting or a discussion, it’s time to leave and to do it quickly so I hurriedly got her out of the church . As we were leaving, she left a trail of water on the floor of the foyer and out the door, this I know now to be symbolic of the Holy Spirit.. I felt the Lord saying that the baby that he was birthing was not to be raised in another man’s house. Now here is where I needed some understanding as I originally thought that He meant by house, another man’s ministry. What I have come to see is that another man’s house is any house whose builder and maker is other than the Lord Himself for it was He who said, ” I will build my church”.

In the second dream, I was at a place with people in it. I don’t feel that the place was important, however. I remember getting ready to leave when I was asked to take 12 babies home with me. I wasn’t able to because I had 3 children in the backseat who were mine, but I did not recognize any of them, just that they were mine. I remember not wanting to leave these kids, in fact, I even held one of them. As I was leaving, my wife pulled up in her car. I remember that I wanted to return for the 12 and I didn’t want to leave them there. believe that the fact that in the dream neither me nor my wife could take all the babies is indicative of the fact that this would be beyond our natural capabilities and would be the Lord who would be arranging the “transportation”

I’m not sure about the meaning of the kids in my car. But, from what I understand about the number 12 in biblical terms, it stands for perfection of government. I knew in my dream, as I do now that the babies were /are important. I feel that the Lord was intrusting me with a precious position of his, both the kids in the car and the other 12.

Part of this dream has already come to pass in that my Son and his wife are staying with me and my wife for the time being and they now have 3 children, the 3rd one being born just a few months ago. My wife and I are speaking into their lives as we have the opportunity to do so.

As the Lord reveals more to me concerning all this, I will be posting it.

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6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. More perspective for consideration/ prayer.
    God’s Govt. can arrive in accordance to the timing that the specs outlined in Ezekiel are made manifest.
    These specs are embedded into the wall of New Jerusalem.
    The wall is made up of building blocks, each block consists of an original alphabetical letter which was originally given to Moses on Sinai. Once the Hebrew alphabet has morphed 26 times and has gone from a three dimensional alphabet to our common 2d one today.

    When they are assembled as noted in the instructions in Ezekiel each wall surface will contain a message to each one of the 12 tribes. This will take place in close timing to their restoration. They are his eternal inheritance and have been scattered globally through the hands of Jesus all while using a sealed bible as denoted in Dan 12:4. Sealed baby is the unsealed bible.

    More here about this unsealed bible and its perspective. Originally the tribes were arrayed by their individual tribes. Each tribe consisted of families…. each family through the patriarch was tasked with certain functions, blessings and gifts. Each tribe consisted of princes, Levitical priests, and other who had various gifts ( Read early church) No one ever was defined by the govt( until the folks in Ezra’s era and later Constantine and Caesar to enjoy a certain tax status. Ezra 4.
    If you drill deep into scripture the notion of a man going into another man’s house is tantamount of spiritual prostitution which is what is commonly practices in our contemporary” Christian” circles today. Each man was given a responsibility under these statutes for himself, family and tribes. You have a line through the Levitical tribes as you were like them tasked to steward 12 which requires a Levite to know everything about not just the Levites but the rest of the tribes so as to do as they were originally tasked to do before they were corrupted….. mainly through $ than sex and the rest of the stuff that came against them to corrupt them in order to be scattered see and review the master link to see the tribes scriptural degenerative and redemptive aspects.



  2. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Tony,

    Some times new babies are what is called, “new people in Christ” . Newly born again Christian’s that are fed the milk, until they mature, and are looking to someone to help them grow in Christ. Now this is what I have discerned from this vision or dream. I just left a church I had been in for 63 years, all my life. But the new preacher was secular in his messages, and we had enough of the secular words. We left because the Lord told us to, and we now belong to an UN-denominational church. The minister here preaches the word of God right from the scriptures. There are some things I am not use to being here, but I am praying for that.

    My husband and I are mature Christians not babes. But so many out there are, because they do not read their bibles, to find out the truth, that sets you free. So we need to help the babes in Christ to mature.

    Sincerely, Marsha

  3. Interesting and I think I have to agree with you on the interpretation so far. Having babies in dreams usually does represent “new birth” of sorts. Maybe a revival is coming! That would be nice!

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