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Dreams and Visions

The Puzzle Vision Re-visited

I posted a blog entry ,When You Come Together, a little while ago. Today, I attended a traditional church at my daughter’s request to check it out. My wife and I had left the traditional church a while ago at the direction of the Lord.

While at the service, I saw the puzzle vision again only this time I was seeing the people standing in their chairs as missing puzzle pieces. Where a puzzle piece would normally have some part of a picture on it, what I was seeing was white puzzle pieces with no picture whatsoever.

Then I looked up front and I saw the pastor and he had his hands full of puzzle pieces and was trying to do it all. In stead of the image of Jesus Christ being formed through the cooperation of everyone in my original vision, what I now saw was a jumbled mess of puzzle pieces. In the original vision each person,representing a part of the body of Christ had a puzzle piece and each was needed to form the image of Jesus Christ. This wasn’t the case here and is not the case in traditional churches because the body of Christ has been reduced from active participants to spectators watching one man, usually the pastor, do it all.

The church is called a body for a reason. Each body part has a function which the other body parts depend on. We are not all an ear or a leg or a hand. But we are all to participate when we come together to re-assemble the body of Christ.

I re-post the Scripture from 1 Cor 14:26 as this is what the church is supposed to look like when it comes together.

So what does this mean, brothers and sisters? When you gather, each person has a psalm, doctrine, revelation, another language, or an interpretation. Everything must be done to help each other grow.
(1Co 14:26)

As I said above, the traditional church does not let the body of Christ be just that, the body of Christ. Instead, as I said above but it is worth repeating, the body is reduced to pew sitters. Instead of being equipped, the body is crippled. No relationships are formed because no one has to work with anyone else to re-assemble the body of Christ the pastor does it all.


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18 thoughts on “The Puzzle Vision Re-visited

  1. “the body is reduced to pew sitters. Instead of being equipped, the body is crippled.” SOOOO True!! Its just heartbreaking to see. And in fact your vision goes good with my latest post…. Catering Churches Fear of Offending. Crazy stuff!

  2. Love that vision! This is a brilliant message!

  3. I don’t know… Having “serving” in the institutions as leaders for 30 years… and then teettering the fence between house and institutional church for another 3 years and then jumping in all the way for the last 7+ years… I feel like we’re seeking more for a balance now. We’ve been around the block now… We’ve seen the good, bad and ugly of both. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. There are abuses in both camps… I personally would have a difficult time supporting most public assemblies… HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t EVER support a public gathering that their main purpose was evangelism and once individuals came to Christ they lead people into life relationships in homes. I FINALLY, have seen this actually happen recently after giving up hope in Christian public gatherings after many years. Didn’t think it could actually happen still but I was amazed never the less! The “pastor” actually functions as an evangelist as Paul would have in the New Testament. In the New Testament there is a place where Paul preached in one location non-stop consecutive Sabbaths for the sake of the Gospel for a year and a half! Acts 18:4,11 Now let’s talk about buildings. I too, have a big problem about spending lots of money on Christian social clubs. However, I don’t have a problem spending money on a place where the gospel is ACTUALLY preached. This guy gets a lot of slack because he doesn’t do a traditional “sinners prayer.” He spends the majority of this time telling a crowd full of people what Christianity is NOT and what biblical Christianity IS! Wow, that’s a new one! He tells them if they want it they have to live it and coming there every week doesn’t make them a Christian. That’s a noble idea! 🙂 They regularly have people from what they call “Life Groups” in the foyer to help them get connected in real life Christian COMMUNITY. Yeah, we were kinda shocked to see all of this… Now, what if there were dozens of these “lighthouses” all through a city that were willing to network with other “lighthouses” and “Life Groups.” Forget about denominational lines!

    • You have been around as have we. We’ve seen the abuses as well. The vision I had was of what the Lord is showing me of what He is doing. I believe that the Lord is bringing the church back to its first century roots. Family is what the Lord is bringing about.

      Where have you found these lighthouse groups. I am curious as to where.

      • Believe it or not they are a “institution” that are making adjustments. Not perfect, but never-the-less looking for their main communities “believer gatherings” outside the walls. There are about 600 that “visit the building” on Sunday morning. This is totally for the sake of the Gospel in my opinion. As is the use of the building throughout the week. It’s about 90% 20-35 year old’s that are definitely searching. Believers come to encourage them into “Life groups and help with the music, nursery, etc. Meeting are very short, modern language, and modern music is used. Religious people HATE it because they don’t “get fed.” Which I feel is a good sign. 🙂 I think this is why Paul said in 1 Cor. 11:18 why they were taking the Lord’s Supper at the wrong place, wrong time. It was something that they should have been doing privately. Public meetings should be focused on the “hungry.” Why shouldn’t this be applied spiritually too? As to those that do not have the Bread of Life?

      • Preaching is to be done in public. Discipleship is to be done in private as well as the Lord’s Supper. I agree with you there. What the Lord has shown me in visions and dreams is that he is bringing the church once again to the people. If you get a chance, read the dream I had entitled, “when you come together part 2” I see this as God’s new wine being poured out and it won’t fit into old wineskins.

  4. optimisticgladness on said:

    This is a really neat vision Tony. It’s sad to see our pastors doing everything. You know, the old 80/20 rule. Where 80% of the people sit in the pews and 20% of the people work. I love that you have this gift and share it with us.

    • True. The current role of pastor which is pulpit to pew where one speaks and the others listen is nowhere to be found in the Bible.

  5. I totally agree Tony. But, I do believe the Church throughout a city is usually lacking enough fathers (pastors). It’s sad. What an opportunity for men and women of God to lead by their life example!!!

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