My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

A Dream about America and the End of Freedom

I had a dream , April 9,2010 and then again 2 years later on January 31,2012, I had the same dream again.

In this dream I was outside with family and friends having fun when I saw military planes flying overhead having wires attached to them that reached the ground and they were carrying a building. When the first building went up I commented to my friends that it looked like something out of star wars, this however, would be the first of many buildings that would be erected by the military. These buildings were being erected right were we were standing. All the buildings seemed to be descending from the sky. In the next part of the dream we, including my wife and me were inside the buildings that had been placed there by the military, We were in a room with other people and we were being held captive. We could not leave and any attempt to do so we would be facing guards with tasers . In one part of the dream I did try to escape through a doorway and as I jumped over the railing I felt a surge of electricity go through my legs and was told if I didn’t stop It would get worse. In the room that we were in there was a mother and daughter sitting next to us and the little girl had asthma. Her mother was out of her medication and was unable to get more for her. Debbie had a prescription that was not exactly the same as the little girl was taking but offered it to the mother. The next part of my dream I was in my kitchen of the house in which I currently live only there were people there who did not belong there eating food that I had bought. I had no control over them being there. When we could go outside, it was much different from before. I saw statues of people who looked like they had been shot in the back. There was definitely the sense that we were no longer free. No one could leave. I then heard a voice saying, “America’s best days are behind her, she will be a weakened nation”.

In this dream, I was telling both my friends who live in Pennsylvania about the dream I mentioned above and then in my dream, they both looked at one another and said, ” that sounds like a description of a F.E.M.A camp and there’s one around here.

The reason I post this dream again is because of what I saw posted on YouTube from the DHS.


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9 thoughts on “A Dream about America and the End of Freedom

  1. optimisticgladness on said:

    Woah. you remember a lot of your dreams. Very cool. This one is chilling.

    • I journal all of my dreams. Most I post on my WordPress blog. Some are private and personal dreams I’ve had that are for me or others.

      Did you watch the video I posted with it?

  2. Upon I hearing about the lockdown re Boston bombings I recalled those dreams of yours and realised it’s simply a practice-run for state control. Also ominous is the fact of its happening around the anniversary of the early colonists uprising against we Brits. There is deep significance for the future of America in those events!!

    No doubt you’re already aware of Rick Joyner’s forthright alert to every American? It behoves everyone to hear, understand and attend to all the facts he presents on this 1/2 hr video:

  3. Hello there Tony! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I do believe that you deserve it. Your dream writings are inspirational and godly and therefore I selected you! Please click the link below to find out how to receive it. Many blessings:

  4. Lisette Defoe on said:

    I believe the statement you heard from that voice. I have said before… All world powers in history have been brought to their knees since Bible times and America will also. I had a dream recently where i also could not escape. I need to go find it now and see if there is a similairity.

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