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Dreams and Visions

A Dream/Vision of the U.S. Government Imploding

What started out as a vision on 04/21/2013 with carried on into my dreams and was there again the following morning. What I saw was the White House and it was broken in half. The two halves looked to be folding in on themselves so that the 2 halves formed a “V”. A house divided cannot stand. It is odd that I did not see Congress in the dream, only the White House. Next in the dream, I saw the bald eagle, the symbol of American strength replaced. In its place was a vulture. I can only assume from the previous dreams I’ve had and posted here is that the result of a government collapse will be nationwide chaos and war, hence the vulture,who is a scavenger bird that feasts on the bodies of dead things, though in this case, the bodies would be people.

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10 thoughts on “A Dream/Vision of the U.S. Government Imploding

  1. Tony,

    There is an radio interview on the internet with a pastor out of Ohio with almost precise vision….including mass fires burning in cities simultaneously .

    I think I posted it on my site , but I did save it on utube so will have to look it up .


  2. Don’t know if this posted, but that same vision is on utube interview with a pastor out of Ohio.!

    I will look it up .


    • Post it here or email it to me when you find it. Definitely a scarey vision.

      • I tried a few times to pull it up and just cant remeber the site or call in show it was on….but in a related video for some confirmation on your vision, click on the recent post (April 25th – Are You A God Hater)…and that will link you to a recent video by KnowJesusKnowPeace, and in the comment exchange below the viewer, he tells the commentor that he had further revelation that the Russians and Iran have a secret deals going on involving either some transfer of mini weapons or bio weapons, which ostensible will be used to create and event in the U.S.

        Godsheal7 has some very strong warning prophecies very recently and as these things roll out on the heels of the Boston event….it could get dicey very quickly.


      • That has been my sense as well. We are living in perilous times.

      • Tony, I found it….God did probably!…..

        by Alstoq
        Multiple Prophecies of Obama Re-election Followed By Fire.

  3. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Tony,

    You are seeing the results of the sinful left after the “Rapture”. Just think about this a moment, when the Lord resurrects the dead first and joins them to their heavenly bodies, and then we will be changed also into our heavenly bodies and go to meet Jesus in the air and clouds, just as He was taken. I Corinthians 6:14 and chapter 15. All this in just about 1/100th of a second, the blink of an eye. Now think on this, all these graves opened and the bodies gone and million all over the earth that have disappeared, that will cause chaos for people, knowing they missed the gathering away and the bible says they will curse God, and the tribulation will start.

    With that many people disappearing the *economy of all countries* will *collapse immediately*. This will be a *world wild collapse not just America*, and this will set up the anti-Christ to come to temporary power over the earth, and to kill, steal and destroy all who will not take his mark on their hand or forehead. Yes it will be the most terrible conditions the earth has ever faced, because a large part of mankind chose not to believe in God and rejected the Lord Jesus Christ. Most people can not conceive that the Tribulation will be the most terrible that *mankind has ever experienced.* God Himself said that if the time were not cut short or no one would survive. The Tribulation saints, (those who are saved during the tribulation that accept Jesus Christ ) will be what the bible says beheaded and or killed. If the *seven years in the span of eternity* were not cut short there would not be any left here.

    Tony the tribulation is mostly for the Jewish people, the bible says they shall look on the one they rejected, and they shall weep knowing they were the ones that crucified our Lord Jesus Christ knowing then that He was the Savior of mankind and they missed it. It is the last chance for the people God loves to finally believe in Jesus Christ (Yeshua). One hundred and forty thousand virgin Jews will prophesy of Jesus Christ during that time and four angels of the earth will go from one end of the earth to the other proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ for the last chance of un-repented men to believe. This while judgments are coming down on the earth, the worst mankind has ever seen or experience. The bible also says in Revelations that the sinful men will curse God. But look at the span of time that God has already given mankind and they chose the other one satan to lead them.

    Most people have not figured it out yet. God wants family to love Him. It is about God not us, and most people still look to self than those who let go and let God have their obedience. God is our father, and what does a father do for His children, He loves them, He teaches them, He provides for them and He corrects them when they need it. But His correction is from love not anger, He is a just God, and we should look to Him as our father, creator, sustainer, provider, teacher, for all things.

    The bible says that men chose darkness rather than light. Now I know their are true believers all over the earth, but straight and narrow is the path to righteousness and wide is the path to destruction.

    Ezekiel Chapter 38, tells of some I have talked about here, and Daniel chapter 9 about the Jews, and the seventieth year to come to pass a seven year period, and the book of Revelations also.

    So I believe you were given a vision of what will happen not only here in America but over the whole earth. Also know this, it is the whole believeth of the Muslims to take over the earth for Allah and the anti-Christ could come from them. I believe he is in the world today, and the time of the Rapture is sooner than we think. The scripture says we should always be looking for Yeshua, the author and finisher of our faith. So keep looking for Him and tell Him that your are looking for Him, as the bible says to do.

    Sincerely in the Love of Yeshua, Marsha

  4. Lisette Defoe on said:

    I’d press on “like” but indeed a scary vision and dream. Did

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