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Dreams and Visions

The Back Door

I had a dream 03/31/2013 and in this dream I was back at my old house I grew up in as a boy. The back door of our house was always open because my mother was always home. The only time we locked it was at night. In the dream, the back door was prominent. In this dream there was a 3-year-old little girl who came in through the back door. I wondered who she was because I had never seen her before. After a little while, here teenage mother, who had been hiding in the back of the house came in as well without out knocking. In the next part of the dream I was riding this teenage mom, her daughter, and my grandson, Nathaniel, who was the little girl’s age as well in a car. It is then that this girl informed me that her daughter had Tuberculosis. I remember dropping them off and going back to the house and this time locking the back door.
In real life, I would have had my wife in the car with me.I am not sure what the teenage girl wanted. She informed me of her daughter’s sickness after she had exposed whomever was in my house at the time as well as me and my grandson to her daughter’s sickness. As of now, I am not sure that prayer for healing is what she wanted, although I could be wrong. I have never ever refused to pray for someone for healing and yet in this dream, she did not ask and I did not offer which is strange. In the dream also, I was thinking about Satan and he being called an angel of light. One would not normally have their guard up with a little baby and perhaps that’s what this mother wanted. All I know is that in this dream, everything was not as it seemed to be is the impression that I got.
What I got in the dream is that the back door, as well as the front door had to be equally protected. What also came to mind is the armor of God. All of the armor is for advancing. There is nothing covering our backs, “our back door”, although the Lord says that His glory will be our rear guard.

For the time being I take this dream as a warning to watch and pray.


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17 thoughts on “The Back Door

  1. Interesting. I think you are on the right track with the discernment. Something may happen in the next few days to help you understand better.

  2. Are you speaking prophetically Oksana?

  3. Lisette Defoe on said:

    Wow, i was also going to say the dream is a warning and then you concluded with that. I could be wrong, but your former home may represent the traditional church where you no longer ‘live’. (Just like you dont live any longer at your mom’s house) the little girl could represent false teachings coming into the church in a very subtle ‘innocent’ way, but the intention is to spread this disease without being noticed as a threat. (There are sick teachings going around in church indeed such as pastor Rob Bell preaching that we have to get behind our gay brothers and sisters!) And then bigger lies are able to follow when everyone is infected too, like the teenager mom also followed inside later. Hmmm. Then everyone is at risk of contamination as you see you gave them a ride and no, the intention was not to ask for prayer for healing. They wanted to keep the disease to themselves and infect you anyway. Warning, keep eyes open, these spirits are going around infecting the church. Weigh it, i may be off, but that’s all that comes to mind.

    • Awesome Lisette! I was torn by the fact that I didn’t offer to pray for the little girl. But, you are right, she, nor her mother wanted prayer, their mission was to infect.

  4. Lisette Defoe on said:

    Lets watch and pray.

  5. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Tony,

    This could be a for warning of the pestilence that is coming in the Tribulation, also did the little girl or the mother in your dream have very, very dark eyes. We were viewing a DVD I ordered in the mail from L.A. Marzulli, on giants that have returned to the earth, that are here now.

    Their children have these very, very dark eyes, and the men are tall with blonde hair and when a person confronted one just in conversion, he looked intelligent but had no knowledge of snow skiing in Colorado.

    They were at a Prophesy Seminar at Colorado and at the mall when they met him. He looked like I said intelligent and well dressed, and stood about 6′ 4” feet tall, but his speech was different also. They asked him if he was from somewhere else, he said no he lived in Colorado. Who could live in Colorado and not know about skiing down the slopes. They said he looked to be 25-30 years in age, and had these dark eyes, and was well built.

    There have also been these blonde children with these dark eyes seen on the side of roads, and when people stop to see if they need help they say,” no”, I just want in your car. Also they knock on doors and just want in, and will not say why. So far no one has allowed this, but what are they up to, people say they look creepy.

    I did not know if you have heard of them, so I thought I would share this with you. Sincerely, Marsha

  6. Lisette Defoe on said:

    Why doesn’t the ‘reblog’ feature work? I have been trying to reblog this since yesterday, but keeps failing.

    • I’m not sure Lisette. I’ve never had any trouble with it. So you hit the re-blog button and nothing happens, is that correct?

      • Lisette Defoe on said:

        The word “re-blogging” keeps flashing forever and nothing happens. Let me try on desktop later….

      • It does that and then it usually reblogs whatever it is you’re reblogging

  7. I think of the Father as a producer and director along the lines of a super Otto Preminger. He likes to stock his dreams with lots of tidbits to hold our attention so that we will be involved in the dreams. I believe the most important point the Lord wanted to get across was the backdoor, but who comes in the backdoor? Thieves.

  8. At last, time to write as your dream – and reference to motoring – is very similar to a couple I’d had years ago after asking the Lord to remove the ‘plank’ from my own eye. My first was so evidently generational on my mother’s line, and which yours may well be too Tony. The other was, at the time, prophetic on related current issues and their outcome.

    In my case, I saw cold water supply pipes under the path to the unlocked back door (under my bedroom) had been exposed and opened to show them bringing dirty water. As they came direct from my nearby grandparents house, and this was the regular route Grandma used, the dream indicated I needed ‘drains up’ ministry to deal with and clear out her generational sin issues. (Am not suggesting that’s how to deal with your dream Tony.)

    You too have a clear feminine thread throughout that has open, complete access to your self and your personal/family history, with some elements possibly unknown to you (medical inference perhaps?).

    Such a personally profound dream; I pray the Lord direct your understanding and application of the its content and bless you with its full fruition Tony. Whatever that may be you can be assured that He’s working it to your personal good and well-being.

    • Interesting take Richard. I view the dream as a warning. My mother’s house in the dream represents a place I no longer live. I liken it to the traditional church a place I no longer attend. As for the toddler and her young mother, I believe it was the mother’s intention to infect with the disease of religion. As far as a feminine thread, there is a Jezebel spirit on my mother’s side of the family.
      Once again, I take the dream as a warning which is the sense I got in the dream.

      I appreciate your input. Something for me to take to the Lord in prayer.

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