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Anointing Oil

I usually do not post personal dreams that have to do with me alone. However, I feel that I should post this dream I had 12/21/2012. In the dream I saw a white alabaster pitcher, and the alabaster pitcher was prominent in the dream because it contained anointing oil. I then saw a hand pour the pitcher of anointing oil upon my head until it ran down my body and I was totally drenched with oil. From what I have read/studied in the word, anointing like this was done when being commissioned for service by the Lord.  As of this posting,  I can sense a difference but have no clue as to what I may be being called to by the Lord.  So, as one can imagine, I am pondering the meaning and keeping it in prayer.


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60 thoughts on “Anointing Oil

  1. Sounds like a new and greater anointing for the year 2013!

  2. Never doubt His promise! If you feel in your heart that the Lord is calling you for something great, TRUST HIM! Because if you let the doubt in your heart, you will help the enemy to steer you away from that great calling. Sometimes I think that such calling may lead you alone a chain of events, like the signal bread crumbs pointing the way. You do good things here and there, and they lead you to something else. And always focus on the Lord! Blessings!

  3. That’s definitely a new level of anointing for service. Happy for you.

    • It will be interesting to see what the Lord has in store for this new year. How about you; has the Lord shown you anything for this new year yet?

      • 😦 Noooo. Nothing Specific. It’s a truly unfamiliar season for me since October. He’s chosen to not speak anything direct about this year to me except: “I am doing a new thing” or “I am about to do a new thing” or “Your anointing next year will be greater than you can or have imagined” That’s all He’s been saying since October and nothing more. Got prophesies and they all said the same thing “God is doing a new thing in you and your ministry/ God is increasing your anointing in 2013”. Its totally unfamiliar. Normally I’d know from year end what’s what for the next year for me and the ministry but this time, in wisdom known only to Him, He’s silent. sigh. Truly uncomfortable and foreign. But I guess I just have to trust, then wait and see. *really difficult*

      • Shortly after My wife and I left the traditional church because the Lord had called us out to begin a new work, I had the following dream:

        I had a dream on August 12, 2011. In this dream I could see myself walking along a rocky path; one that would be easy to trip and fall on if you didn’t watch where you were going. In this dream my eyes were also bandaged so couldn’t see where I was going. The Lord was standing in front of me and He was holding both of my hands. I had to listen to the Lord for each step I took so that I wouldn’t fall. What was cool was that as I was walking forwards, the Lord was waking backwards and yet He never turned around to see where He was going, His attention was set on directing my steps so that I wouldn’t stumble or fall. What I see as the meaning of this dream is that this is the beginning of a faith walk that will rewrite require a hearing ear and an obedient heart.

        Here are some things that the Lord is showing me. My eyes in the dream were bandaged which leads me to believe that my eyesight was damaged. We humans judge by sight and not as the Lord judges which is by the heart. When you are blind, you can not judge by what you see but must rely on the one with the sight to tell you what He (Jesus) sees. I said in the dream that I had lost my eyesight in exchange for His. When you are blind, hearing becomes vital to your survival. In the above dream, I was on a very rocky road and had to Listen to the Lord to know where to place my feet. It is a hard thing when your eyes tell you one thing but the Lord’s tell you something completely different . It is about faith in the Lord’s eyes, faith in His judgements as opposed to yours, and faith in His ability to lead and guide and not leaning to your own understanding of things.

      • ik, but that’s not as easy as I thought especially when ppl are looking to you for answers which you cannot produce. Got an unexpected prophetic word just last week and it was the same thing “God is doing a new thing and increasing your anointing in 2013”
        I know hearing is vital. that’s one of which usu separates me and keep me in the “know” of heaven caz He talks or shows. Now NOTHING! He’s talking about everything except those things which are driving me nuts with confusion. I wish I could explain all that I mean. Long Sigh. I need to hear Him. *tears* I need something. Been walking backwards now without hearing or seeing. I am tired. smh. I just can’t explain Tony.

      • I have gone through seasons like what you are describing where God seems silent and sometimes distant. However, there are times in my walk with the Lord where His voice has been on a need to know basis. That drives me crazy because I do not like to have to depend on anyone for directions, I like to do it myself.

      • ok. You know, i just remembered something i think i wanna share.
        I was in tears and prayer a few days ago asking him why He’s not talking or leading me into His counsel of what I’m to do and whatnot. Of course there was no response. Sigh. For a brief (stressing BRIEF) moment tho in an open vision I saw this: Something like a whoopi cushion or a pinata (that’s the best I can define it) hanging just above my head. It was loaded with what looks like my dreams plus much more (as described in my post “DREAM ON”). It was weighty like it was about to bust open and I was standing under it looking up at it wondering how to burst it. Then the vision disappeared.

        Immediately, I began asking “God, how do I burst it? what do I do?” No answer. “Is it praying, fasting, sacrifice, declaring… what do I do? How do I get it to open” there was no answer. Sigh. After much pleading without a reply, I got frustrated and went to bed with swollen eyes from all my tears.

        whatcha think?

      • Do you think that the Lord would dangle something over your head and then take it away? Maybe the Pinata is not for you to burst open, but for you to wait on the Lord. One thing that I have learned about dreams is that they seem to have 3 stages. The first is when God gives us the dream. Stage 2 is when we try to bring about the dream by our own means and the we watch the dream die. The third stage is when God takes what we think is a dead dream and brings it to life. What I am seeing as I write this is Jesus standing at the Tomb of His friend Lazarus. His sister is reluctant to roll away the stone because her brother is decaying inside the tomb and stinks. Jesus says roll away the stone, our part, and then He does not look inside the tomb but instead looks up and thanks His Father and gets a word, Lazarus, Come Forth!!!. The same goes with dreams that He has given you. It is sometimes painful seeing a dream die and then when the Lord says roll away the stone, it is almost repulsive to to do so because it, the dream, is dead and by now it stinks. I do see God moving in your life but your part is going to be obedience. Obedience is not always an easy thing.

      • yeah maybe its to wait. idk. I can relate to the first part of your response. However idu the second. obedience is the number 1 thing that has kept me with God. (my heart that’s after Him being second) Obedience is not something I play with AT ALL!!!! As i have matured I DO WHAT HE SAYS – FULL STOP! (not saying I don’t make mistakes. I make alot. Am saying I do not EVER willingly disobey. Plz ask Him. He’ll tell u its true)
        So Idu what you are trying to say. Do you think I’m disobeying in some way? or are you saying I’m gonna have to obey to make my dreams happen? I just don’t understand. I don’t believe anything has died… dream wise. I might be a little slow at the moment so plz explain a little further.

      • Sorry if I offended you. When I was speaking of Obedience, I was not by any means suggesting that you were disobedient. What I was saying is that there may come a time when your obedience will be tested as it is in all of our lives. I wasn’t suggesting that you have been disobedient and needed to repent and become obedient. So forgive me if I made you think that.

        As for the dreams, I believe that the Pinata could be symbolic of unrealized dreams and the fact that it was over your head could also mean it was out of your reach. Again, I say that that these could be dreams that GOd is going to resurrect and bring to fulfillment in your life. Does that make sense?

      • Morning. Had to run out with the fam last night so never got to reply.
        Yeah I do get u now. I wasn’t offended just a little concerned caz I thought u meant I was being disobedient and so I was wondering on what basis you derived that conclusion. I really do not mess with obedience you know. Trust me.

        I do know they are unrealized dreams. I could literally see them through the thing hanging directly over my head. (the car He told me I would drive, the house I’ve imagined, my books, cds, a place for young ppl to worship, an owned location for the ministry….) I my could touch the thingy by just holding up my hands and in the vision I was standing looking up at it wondering how to pop it open. It was not fully transparent tho but just clear enough for me to see some of what was inside.

        Well am just gonna have to wait until God reveals whats what. Sigh. Maybe He’s the only one who truly can truly pop it. After all we just make things worst when we try to do what only He can right? *hearty sigh* Thanks for the talk.

      • I am glad to see that I didn’t offend you because that wasn’t my intent. I do know that the Lord doesn’t bring to the moment of birth and not deliver. I pray that whatever God has in store for you that He would make it clear to you.

      • It’s interesting that you said “birth” and “deliver”.
        I got a dream about Oct or Nov that I was 8 months pregnant and really heavy. My pastor (who is my spiritual mom and advisor) was there with me. She was guiding me along a path and I stopped to drink water at a tap. I told her I couldn’t carry the weight of the pregnancy any more and I think am just gonna topple over because I am just too heavy. My feet were swollen and I was exhausted. I was telling her I wanna give birth right now. She held me up and said I just have to wait a little bit more because it was almost time “to deliver”.
        Just now when you said deliver, I remember that dream.

      • It was a word I felt was for you and I feel that it has to do with new beginnings. Only God can create new life and so you will have to wait upon Him to deliver the baby.

        I had a dream several years ago where I was standing in the sanctuary of the church I was attending at that time. I heard my wife yell for me in the foyer of the church, “my water has broken”. So, I hurried up and got her out of the church and she left a trail of water from where she stood all the way out the door of the church. The water, I believe, is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. The Lord said that the baby that was about to be born couldn’t be born in another man’s house. He would show us how to raise the baby He was giving us.

      • coool dream! 🙂 i believe so too. waiting is hard but if we want boiled eggs we have to wait until its stayed long enough in the boiling water otherwise it won’t be. The water is hot but i’ll stay (hopefully patiently) until He believes I am ready. thanks Tony. Enjoy ur day.

      • I will be praying for you in this time, keep me posted in what is going on in your life. You are not alone.

  4. Thanks you for sharing this Tony. Am revisiting this as couldn’t comment at such a very busy time but was impressed with its profundity – and still am!

    Anointing, I believe, doesn’t always have to be physical but can be spiritual too. It would seem your dream signifies that the Lord is blessing your spirit and this will pour out via your soul and affect you physically. Am sure you already know that Godly dreams convey truth from heaven to our spirit and this is gets sensed and interpreted within our soul (our mind, will and emotions). Those living a Spirit-filled life then order their daily walk accordingly.

    • I feel an expectancy in my spirit that something is about to break and the anointing me with oil was in preparation for what lies ahead. As always, your comments truly bless me.

  5. michelle on said:

    I had the exact same dream.As I lay on my side ,I saw a hand with a large white jug and saw oil being poured on the top of my head ,the feeling was amazing,I felt wvery ounce of my being,especially upper body come alive.I then felt my head,I was drenched!I praised God continuously.I feel so free and close to God

  6. May you please explain to me,i dreamt about a specific woman praying for me,then suddenly i was on my knees crying not because i was hurt,but i felt the Holy Spirit,actually i enjoyed that cry,i felt so relieved then on both of my raised hands there was a thick Anointing Oil …

    • When you say a specific woman I take it that in your dream you knew this woman. As for you crying, that is a reaction to the Holy Spirit’s presence. What I perceive the anointing oil on your hands to be is possibly a healing ministry.
      Take this to the Lord in prayer and see what He tells you.

  7. Johanne Watts on said:

    About two months ago, I dreamt I was at church and a guest pastor had finished preaching. He called people to the altar, I got up and went. He looked and pointed at me. People around me sorted stepped back. The pastor took a glass bottle filled with oil and poured it over my head to the point my clothes were drenched. When I went back to my sit, I said to myself that I couldn’t sit there anymore and started to look for another chair to sit. I shared this with a friend. But I’m not sure what it means or steps to take.

    • Having oil poured out upon you is indicative of anointing and calling. I would seek God as to what was His purpose was for anointing you. I would encourage you to seek the Lord on this until you receive an answer. Very powerful dream Johanne . Please keep me posted on what the Lord says to you. I pray that the Lord makes clear to you the plans and purposes He has for you

      • Johanne Watts on said:

        Hi Tony, I haven’t heard from God regarding my dream. Have you prayed and interceded for people in situations like this? In need of prayer.

      • I will take your dream to prayer Joanne. I would ask you to seek the Lord as well and see what He shows you. I have prayed for many people but even when the Lord shows me something or tells me something I always tell them to take it to the Lord in prayer.

  8. Delmi rgz on said:

    I saw sumthing like dat the two hands holding a pot pouring oil over my head and i heard blesses comin your way

  9. Narh-Rich Isaac on said:

    Today the 21/12/16, I had a dream which is the first of it kind. I saw myself in front of a pulpit praying in a congregation with open hands. immediately, I awoke from that dream and slept again. I had another dream. This time, there was a hand pouring oil on my head. I woke up and rubbed my hands on my head but couldn’t feel anything. I slept again and still had this dream repeating itself for the second time. I became confused and took my tablet to look up for the meaning of anointing in my dictionary. Not satisfied with the interpretation, I took to Google and lo and behold, I’ve found this wonderful family. I must say that, after the search on Google I burst in tears with tears falling freely down my cheeks. Any interpretation please?

  10. Narh-Rich Isaac on said:

    I’m grateful Sir, may God continue to bless you and increase the oil on your life. You’re a blessing to your generation and a light to this dark world of sin. I hope we’ll have quality times like this as and when God speaks. God bless you.

  11. My Name is Sam Motaung From South Africa.
    I dreamed a strange dream that i couldn’t understand. I dreamed about a prophet anointing me, with an oil, he poured an oil in my head, to my feet, and he said he is anointing me to be a president of a nation, and i couldn’t underatand why, because im not even in politics or any organisation that leads me to that, and immediately he anointed me, i felt change in my body, i started to have wisdom and speaking differently and i woke up. Please help, i dont understand what it means

    • Hello Sam,

      I would suggest that you read 1Samuel 16 as it is the chapter where the Lord chooses a new King. One that is after His own heart. There are prophets today who are prophets of nations and the Lord sends them to anoint leaders on His behalf. From what you say occurred in your dream it sounds like this is the case. Do you happen to recall as to whether or not you knew the prophet who anointed you?
      As for your lack of being in politics or anything remotely connected to politics know that this is not one of the qualifications that the Lord looks at when choosing a leader. When the Lord spoke to the prophet Samuel as to whom He had chosen to be king He told Samuel that He does not judge by outward appearances, i.e. qualifications, but rather by the heart. There is a saying that states that God does not call the qualified but rather He qualifies the called. The fact that you felt a change tells me that God has confirmed a calling on your life by anointing you.
      However, like David, even though anointed king he had to wait upon the Lord to install him as king. I would suggest that you take this dream to prayer and be patient and wait on the Lord’s direction and timing.

  12. My Name is Sam Motaung From South Africa.
    I dreamed a strange dream that i couldn’t understand. I dreamed about a prophet anointing me, with an oil, he poured an oil in my head, to my feet, and he said he is anointing me to be a president of a nation, and i couldn’t underatand why, because im not even in politics or any organisation that leads me to that, and immediately he anointed me, i felt chang
    e in my body, i started to have wisdom and speaking differently and i woke up. Please help, i dont understand what it means.

  13. Ayodeji Olabiyi on said:

    Greetings in the name our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Great job you are doing Sir. I had a similar dream of been anointed in a dream. Like I was in prayer camp ground working then I heard a voice from the from the pulpit and something drew my heart to the from roll to have a sit and listen to what was been said. But I never decode a word. Within thesame place, I went to a prophet to pray for me but instead, poured oil on my head. Thesame day I saw myself in a dream where I was speaking in tongues something I had prayed to God for several times and never got an answer and up until now, I am yet to recieve this gift. Please, I need your input. All this happened on 1/2/2017. Thanks

    • Hello Ayodeji

      So I understand from your dream that you were drawn to sit and listen what was being preached in the pulpit but we’re unable to understand what was being said.
      Then, as you said, a prophet poured oil on your head.

      The reason you did not understand what was being said from the pulpit could be that it was not time for you to know. As for the anointing oil being poured over your head that, as you know, is the Lord calling you into service for His purposes. However, like King David, although anointed by a prophet as you were he still had to wait upon the Lord as will you.
      I believe that you should continue to seek the Lord for the gift of tongues and don’t give up until you receive it.
      The Lord doesn’t give such dreams for no reason. This dream has a purpose and you have a leadership calling but like David will have to diligently seek the Lord on this as only He can bring it about.

  14. I salute you in the name of our Lord Jesus. I dreamt this morning after my mid night prayer as the prominent Man of God was conducted deliverance for people in his church, and I was in a front seat. suddenly he call me into the deliverance room and I was feel with holy spirit, the he pour anointing oil on my two legs and bless me. so I woke up. Please post the interpretation in my email a dress below.

  15. ifeyinwa on said:

    I’m so happy to have come across this blog . May God continue to enrich you in wisdom and stature AMEN. I had this dream last nite where my church moved to a new building in waking life the building is still under construction but my dream last nite it has been completed and wll decorated, we were moving things from the old building to the new one when we were done relocating the properties I went to old building to pick up my shoes cos I was working on a bare foot,immediately after picking my shoes and on entering the new building which was already filled by members ready for sunday service, I overheard my pastor calling me to the alter to pray for a guy that was sitted there.
    I loooked at myself to be sure that I was the one been called, reaching the alter my pastor handed an anointing oil to me which I pour little on my palm and placed it on the forehead of the guy and started singing worship song to God and I woke up fro the dream I dont get the meaning of the dream and I have had dream before now where I was praying for people and they were been loosed from chains and been set free. I will be glad to hear from you. Remain blessed sir

    • In your dreams do you recall your hands either burning or tingling before you prayed for anyone?

      One thing that stands out to me in the dream is the fact that the pastor called you up before the people tells me that he recognizes your gifting/anointing and released you to minister in that gift to the body of Christ.

      • ifeyinwa on said:

        Thanks sir for the response,No in the two dreams my hands werent burning but rather in the latter which I didnt give the details. I had a fierce battle with some group of satanic agent that couldnt allow me pass through a bridge but to the glory of God , I won over them and I entered a church nearby that was having their service to return all glory to God.In the course of giving my testimony I started praying for the people there, chains were loosed. So I m really confused and I have prayed about it still praying though, do I have any gift which I m yet to realised? Remain blessed sir

      • It sounds like 2 of the gifts are in operation here. One being the word of knowledge and the second, discerning of spirits hence your fight with the satanic . However, God received the glory and used you to set people free symbolized by the looking of chains. Take this to prayer and see what the Lord speaks to your heart.

  16. ifeyinwa on said:

    Thank you so much sir, the highlights will be so useful. More grace to you for more exploits

  17. after attending sunday service church i come back home and sleep i see dream or may be vission i have anointing oil and blessed my whole house by making cross on walls and family and our bikes vehicles etc what it mean…

    • House can be a physical location or it can mean ministry and those you have influence over. The anointing you speak of in your dream sounds like you are consecrating your family and possessions for the Lord’s work.

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