My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Financial Collapse

I had a vision today 11/19/2012. In the vision I saw a skyscraper and it was indeed tall and definitely stood out. At the top of the skyscraper, I could see the word, CHASE, written on it. I then saw the building begin to crumble. What is unique here is that the skyscraper began to crumble from the top down. I saw huge chucks of the building begin to fall to the ground.

I believe that Chase is the largest bank in the United States currently. So I am not sure as of yet whether or not this vision is indicative of Chase as an institution or the financial marketplace as a whole.
I will continue to seek the Lord in prayer.


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9 thoughts on “Financial Collapse

  1. TONY

    Thanks for the dreams and visions I receive. I read all of them and keep them in mind. Personally I sense that the world has only seen the beginning of the GFC.


  2. Jesus is pulling down Pharoah’s banking systems.( See symbology of the US dollar that sets the global standard for the pricing of oil among other things)
    We have similar graphics the Holy Spirit has revealed through dreams.
    It was an elevator ride down and it stopped on the ground floor and the exit was out through a central main bank. We have a few years before it totally collapses. Chase is the largest and is spread thinly across the globe.

  3. I wonder if this could not necessarily be a financial collapse, but something else?….. I don’t know if you have heard but there is a lot of debate going around about the Obamacare containing a law that everyone will have to have a microchip in them in order to have health care. I had just about decided it wasn’t real… But there are nurses with Hospice that take care of my great grandmother (she is 101) and they told us the other day they might have to quit their jobs because with the new chip they will not be able to get paid unless they have one (since they get paid through the healthcare system). This will be the same for everyone who works in healthcare. They said they will lose their job before they get this new chip because with it the government will be able to keep track of all of their financial information, including a GPS so that they will know where people are all the time.

    They also mentioned that people who do not get one of these chips will be arrested. I haven’t mentioned this on the internet before because I still am unsure if it is 100 percent true… I don’t know for sure where these ladies got their info from. But I can say this, if they got it from their job and they are being told they have to have this chip put in by Hospice we are all up a creek…..

    • Summer, I checked that out on and found it not to be true. Thank God. Have you had a chance to view the video I posted in a reply to you the other day?

  4. I have also looked on snopes which is why I decided it was not true until those ladies which take care of my great grandmother were talking about it as if Medicaid had told them it was going to happen. Although snopes is not 100 percent accurate either… It is just a lot to think about.

    Anyway, yes I did watch the video… I was wondering if you knew how old those predictions are?

    • I think, if my memory serves me correct, they are a few years old. The dreams you were relaying to me seemed to be confirmed in the prophetic words he was speaking. The prophetic words he was speaking should also serve as a confirmation to you regarding the dreams you’ve been having.

  5. Interesting this started from the top, usually where boardrooms and directors suites are situated – everything’s being shaken so that what is true and Godly remains.

    As our financial systems are based on false premises and we’re living way beyond our means and, internationally, have unsustainable debt then the whole lot is bound to collapse some day – and that’s very soon!

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