My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Watchman on the Wall

The Lord showed me a vision of a walled city with watchtowers on all 4 corners of the city. The watchmen were calling out words of warning to the inhabitants of the city as they could see the danger of a coming invasion from afar. No one seemed to listen or be concerned with the warning of the watchmen. All went about their business as usual . The watchmen are posted on the wall to alert those inside, who are unable to see, of things that will affect the city. These watchmen were crying out with loud voices warning the inhabitants of the city but, as I said above, no one paid any attention to them. It was almost as if they did not exist. Watchmen are a gift of God to warn of impending danger. If there were ever a time in our nation’s history to heed the warning of the watchmen on the wall, it is now.


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4 thoughts on “Watchman on the Wall

  1. Tony, Thanks for you’re devoted obedience. As frustraing as it is to not to see God’s words heeded, stay the course.As you know,it is not the first time nor the last. Blessings to you. And keep on keeping on the wall!

  2. God has called his Children to WATCH and pray. You keep up the good work God has appointed you too. Time is short and getting shorter each day! Bless you as you watch….

  3. Tony et al, you may wish to see my latest of an urgent prayer request and prophetic word for pres Obama and USA through Wendy Alec at

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