My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Mene Mene Tekel Parsin

You may recognize this phrase from the book of Daniel chapter 5 where King Belshazzar ordered the goblets taken from the Lord’s temple to be brought into the feast he was holding and he and his guests drank from the goblets.

The pride and arrogance of this young king was turned to terror when the hand of God appeared and began to write his sentence of doom  decreed  for him and his people.

Daniel 5:26-28 NIV84

“This is what these words mean:

Mene : God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

Tekel : You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

Peres : Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”

The Medes and the Persians are the Muslims of today.  I have seen in a vision an open door. The door in this vision was not left open by accident, it was deliberately opened and the enemy given access to come in. The open door in this vision is to the United States. This is the sense I got and am still getting.

With that said, I had a dream , 10/12/2012. In this dream I saw a procession of people who had a wooden yoke around their heads and their hands were also in the yokes. There were guards on either side of the column of people watching over them as they  marched.  I could see in the dream a Muslim prayer tower which is used to call Muslims to prayer.  At the end of the line of people in the yokes, I saw the United States flag being dragged upon the ground. I believe that it had been tied around the waist of the person dragging it.

There are many similarities between Babylon and the United States. One in particular is the god that they worshipped was nirosch he was symbolized by the eagle, in fact the eagle was on the buildings in Babylon.

The Lord  gave Nebuchadnezzar great wealth, power, and glory. He also humbled him when he became arrogant. The king learned his lesson. His son, Belshazzar did not. This arrogance cost him his life and his nation was now controlled by the Medes and Persians.

I have been reading and rereading chapter 5 of Daniel as I believe there is more to be revealed by the Lord.

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17 thoughts on “Mene Mene Tekel Parsin

  1. Enie Menei Minee Moe,
    On Which Road Will America Go….

    Wow…powerful stuff Tony. It is excruciatingly painful to absorb the content and symbology of the dreams and then watch and read 24 hours of any American city (or other nations.) news and not be struck by the foreboding sense that God is standing at the gate watching the wayward child with a grimace that speaks everything.

    • I wish this was a bad dream. I do know that we serve a merciful God who stands ready to forgive. I pray that this doesn’t come upon us.

      • God has been telling His people over and over to get ready. Most are not changing but will soon have to. The end must come and your dream is accuratly issuing our another warning to God’s people to get ready. I believe God has already separated His true people from the world and the lukewarm. I believe getting ready doesn’t only mean to be prepared but to begin living for Christ in every area or we can not be His disciple and will be left in the rain. It is our choice, not His.

  2. Tony, this makes me wonder if you’d been reading about the claims reported last Wed about your president’s ‘wedding’ ring? (Jerome Corsi claims it’s inscribed with the Islamic Shahada – – see his first article too.)

    I’ve read the biographical account of the Muslim Brotherhood by that inscription’s translator and am therefore very aware of its purpose. Thus, have always had deep reservations over its open acceptance by pres Obama. Many of your compatriots have expressed concerns over his faith and, IF these claims are true, maybe this ring indicates where his faith really lies? Is that truth now coming out?

    Perhaps your dream is warning about the consequences of your Administration’s policies and the scriptures indicate how the Lord will respond to intercessors?

    • I briefly saw some comments about the president’s wedding band but the dreams I have posted are what’s coming if the church does not repent and seek the Lord’s face. “If My people….”

      • Thank you Tony. Yes indeed I agree, and the dream is clearly a warning. Do you think intercessory repentance could enable Americans to have a realisation of this danger and vote accordingly to shut that door? I know one Spirit-led church is praying over the 40-days prior to your elections…
        Presumably your church leaders are aware of the dream?

      • I do believe that God is always wanting to show His mercy. But I believe that the church is asleep and needs weakened from its slumber. Currently, my wife and I are hosting a house church that meets I’m our home. The Lord called us out of the traditional church a few years ago. I do feel that prayer is vital to this election and the future of America as a nation. I have not been given the opportunity to speak to many about the dreams and.visions I’ve been receiving so I’ve taken to placing than on my blog.

    • Wow! I never heard that about Obamas ring…. but I do believe it is possible.

      • Elissa, re your comment – you may be interested to know that, before coming to Christ and assuming the name Mark A Gabriel, the translator had been professor of Islamic literature and history at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, as well as imam of a mosque in Giza, Egypt. (See Wikipedia entry and his book Islam and Terrorism.) So I guess he knows what he’s talking about…

      • Richard, do you know this man? I’d be interested in his thoughts regarding these dreams about Muslims I’ve been getting.

      • Regret not, Tony, but his book by Charisma House provides contact details of PO box 181974, Casselberry, FL 32718-1974; e-mail: (a named website no longer exists). The Lord be with you….

  3. Appreciate your sharing this Tony as we were in such a situation but the Lord has now brought us into a fresh place. Also, as UK is smaller it’s relatively easier to link with Spirit-led believers. I pray He will direct you to the right place too where brethren can weigh, pray and relay the dreams and visions.

  4. Wow! I pray that does not come to pass. Oh Lord be with us if it does. It is far past time for America to wake up! And warning after warning is being sounded. Wake up America!!

  5. unicorncoat on said:

    Have you noticed this?
    Notice the Hebrew translations he points out for “locust” which is also mentioned in Revelation.

  6. AMEN I have long felt the exact same things great and terrible things are about to take place. Jesus wept over Jerusalem concerning the things that were about to come upon her. He has and is stretching out His hands to us in this day that we may find shelter in Him.

    Blessings Brian

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