My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Believe Trust and Obey

I had a dream, 08/14/2012, of a completely dry field that I was hoeing . As one would guess, nothing grows without water. However, in the dream that is exactly what I was doing, hoeing a dry field that produced absolutely nothing because there was no water. I do not know for how long in the dream that I was doing this it could have been for some time. I remember walking into a corner of the field one day and removing a stone. When I did water came out and it filled the dry furrows that I had been hoeing. Had I not been faithful and obedient in hoeing a dry,hopeless,and lifeless garden I would have never stumbled upon the underground water source. Also, had I not kept hoeing and breaking up the hard soil and making furrows in the ground, when I did find the rock and the water came gushing out it would have simply run off. I made a place for the water to go so that it would stay and not run off.
This was a timely dream because this would describe what I am going through as a believer currently. But I know that if I do not grow weary, I will reap a harvest.
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Gal 6:9 NIV)
Also I noted in this dream that the source of water was not rain from above but water from within the earth. Jesus said, “He who believes on Me, as the Scripture has said, “Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”
(Joh 7:38 MKJV)


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10 thoughts on “Believe Trust and Obey

  1. Charlie on said:

    thats good …. we all need to have a reminder to remain strong in the dry places

    • Amen! I found it odd, but definitely a God thing, that the water came from within and not from above.

      • I agree with Charlie, we all need to yhave a reminder to reamain strong in the dry places! Thanks for sharing this dream with us Tony.

      • If I hadn’t continued hoeing the dry dirt that produced absolutely no fruit, I would have never found the rock and would have never found the source of water. Thanks for responding to the post , your encouragement is most appreciated.

  2. garry Umphress on said:

    Encouraging you to KEEP tilling the ground!
    Had a similar dream , however I was inside of a palace compound overseen- owned or maintained by royalty.
    I was assigned one of the corners of the land to till except that the land was void of any weeds or growth. My job was to oversee this work which entailed several others although I do not recall who.
    Just remmber a hoe in my hand and the various patches of dirt with borders of trim around them depicting boundaries.
    Almost as if the design of Ezekiels temple except it was on land.


  3. Tony, maybe the dryness indicates not only a current personal situation but also regarding your ‘field’, where you’re living and blogging; perhaps even your state or nation.

    No fruit is growing as those who could harvest a crop aren’t interested – ie. your dreams/visions ignored by leaders. But then you move away from all the furrows into the less noticed part of your field and find The ‘Corner Stone’! Then and only then can all Biblical parallels come into play!

    Perhaps this indicates a way for you to proceed and irrigate what you do? And maybe the account of ditches in 2Kings3 could apply; furrows as ‘baby’ ditches? This is really a rich field Tony.

  4. You’ve hit the nail on the head as the saying goes. There are evangelists that have said that Tucson Arizona has brazen skies. The church seems to be just as you said, not interested. I think too that this is a test, at least for me, of faithfulness in that I continued to tend the garden even though there was nothing but dust. Had I not done do, I would have never discovered the rock. I agree to with the dry times in my personal life. That is not to say that God is not giving me marvelous dreams and visions and prophetic words, but I want to see a move of God here in Tucson. It is a desert both physically and spiritually here. However, if you remember, I posted a dream about an earthquake coming to Tucson. I have strongly felt that the quake will be both spiritual and physical. The following morning after the dream, I saw tombs being opened up. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “the dead in Christ will rise first. Our Lord’s resurrection was preceded by an earthquake.

  5. Let it be so Lord – and soon, in our timeframe

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