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Dreams and Visions

Comming Attack, a second dream

I had a dream 06/10/2012 . What I saw in the dream and am still seeing in my mind’s eye is a military commander raising out of the sea. At his command, as I saw him raise his hands from his sides, many, many missiles came up out of the sea. There were 2 particularly large missiles, much larger than the rest, they could have been nuclear missiles. If I had to guess, I would say that they were cruise missiles. If this attack emanated from the sea, then my guess is that the missiles came from a submarine. The warheads, in my dream were headed towards the United States. I do not know the specific ocean from whence the missiles were being fired but my guess is that these missiles were being directed at a military target(s) within the US.

This could make what happened on 9/11 like child’s play. If indeed the 2 large missiles in my dream are nuclear warheads, then the damage would be extensive and the lives lost would be catastrophic. I am still in prayer about this.

Pray that this warning dream does not come to fruition. Pray for God’s mercy and continued. Remember Abraham’s prayer , “would you sweep away the righteous along with the wicked? Remember, this would affect Christian and unbeliever alike.

I had this same dream again this morning, however, this time I was telling the dream to a pastor that I know. The pastor paid no attention to what I was telling him. Instead, his attention was focused on fixing a toy for the children’s ministry.

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15 thoughts on “Comming Attack, a second dream

  1. When the terrorist on the inside of the nation cause so much trouble in every big city there will be uncontrollable out breaks of wrath and gangs which will get completely out of hand. When this happens the military, police, and all other forces designed to protect this nation will be so busy trying to get control in the streets that no one will be watching the enemy outside the nation. Then is when the missles will be fired in the U.S. from submarines, planes, etc. It will be a repeat of Pearl Harbor except we won’t recover.

  2. I”m with you, pray that this dream does not happen, but by the looks at things it would not surprise me.

  3. Wow! I pray this doesn’t happen either. And the second dream breaks my heart, as it so pictifies the pastors/churches of today and how they are more worried about materialism and programs rather than saving souls. Maybe your dream could be about that. We see a spiritual battle about to hit, and a lot of souls are about to be taken by the enemy, all the while the pastors are more worried about programs rather than savings lives around them. I’m sadden and hopeful.

    • Thats true! And yes I’ll pray 2 Chron. 7:14, “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Lord I pray this over America, forgive us, heal our land. Amen.

  4. Tony, thanks for your comments on my posting ( and would offer the following:

    I’m sure you know dreams are often symbolic, as in scripture, in order to convey the meanings of unconscious thoughts and emotions, as well as intangible spiritual things to our ordinary minds. Seas and oceans can represent peoples (Rev 17.15) and perhaps this dream is a personal, modern equivalent of what John had seen of end-time events, as in a beast arising from the sea.

    So, maybe this dream is speaking of all those values and ideas that are inimical to the establishment of the Kingdom throughout the earth. When they become public and adopted by groups of any sort then they get fired at their targets. Thus they get launched underwater, where they’re unseen but exist (eg. in private thoughts). Powerful missiles such as hard-left political agendas, Islamist activity, sexual orientation are already finding their targets and having a devastating effect upon your country!!

    And of course the figure in the dream represents the one who’s endeavouring to destroy everything godly. That is, the hidden commander orchestrating the attacks is the anti-Christ, or more probably the Leviathan Isa 27.1) who twists and perverts (Isa 27.1) – good teaching on this starts at 1hr 22 mins into

    I once had a similar dream and could tell right away it was very personal. The missile dived and twisted in flight but I brought it down back ito the sea. Upon waking the Lord confirmed my understanding. for interpretation of dreams comes from Him (per Daniel).

    • I agree with you Richard that dreams can sometimes be symbolic and representations of things in the spiritual realm. However, in this dream, I feel very strongly that these were literal missiles. The fact that I had the same dream twice tells me that it is going to happen. I do know that what happens in the physical is mirrored in the spiritual and visa versa. I really feel that the US is in danger hence my prayer that the Nation would repent and the Lord would relent. The passage of scripture that has been on my heart concerning this is “Even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity. Who knows? He may turn and relent and leave behind a blessing– grain offerings and drink offerings for the LORD your God. Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly.
      (Joe 2:12-15 NIV)

      • Am well aware of the urgency Tony and of many recent calls to repentance eg. Billy Graham ( Maybe it’s worthwhile checking out their theological stance and making contact with some of these groups?

      • I’m not sure you remember this dream or not but it is one that I have had twice as well.

        A Dream about America and the End of Freedom

        I had a dream , April 19,2010. In this dream I was outside with family and friends having fun when I saw military planes flying overhead having wires attached to them that reached the ground and they were carrying a building. When the first building went up I commented to my friends that it looked like something out of star wars, this however, would be the first of many buildings that would be erected by the military. These buildings were being erected right were we were standing. All the buildings seemed to be descending from the sky. In the next part of the dream we, including Debbie and me were inside the buildings that had been placed there by the military, We were in a room with other people and we were being held captive. We could not leave and any attempt to do so we would be facing guards with tasers. In one part of the dream I did try to escape through a doorway and as I jumped over the railing I felt a surge of electricity go through my legs and was told if I didn’t stop It would get worse. In the room that we were in there was a mother and daughter sitting next to us and the little girl had asthma. Her mother was out of her medication and was unable to get more for her. Debbie had a prescription that was not exactly the same as the little girl was taking but offered it to the mother. The next part of my dream I was in my kitchen of the house in which I currently live only there were people there who did not belong there eating food that I had bought. I had no control over them being there. When we could go outside, it was much different from before. I saw statues of people who looked like they had been shot in the back. There was definitely the sense that we were no longer free. No one could leave. I then heard a voice saying, “America’s best days are behind her, she will be a weakened nation”.

        In this dream, I was telling both my friends about the dream I mentioned above and then in my dream, they both looked at one another and said, ” that sounds like a description of a F.E.M.A camp and there’s one around here

  5. I certainly do recall it Tony, for it would corroborate information posted on John McTernan’s Insights ( – hence my remark that the sample of ‘missiles’ I describe have already found their targets!

  6. I had a dream Shortly after this dream above that the secret service pulled up to my house in a black limo and those inside were in black suits and they took me and questioned me about the dream of the attack on the US.

  7. Check your email

  8. We need to pray, I’ve had similar dreams and visions about this matter. there’s a lot happening that would lead to war. But Jesus Christ is our all in all!

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