My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

“…….I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show compassion on whom I will show compassion.” (Exo 33:19 NASB)

I have had a dram brought back to me that I had in September of 2009. In this dream I saw kind of a big rock on a mountain that jettisoned out like a cliff. This cliff was in an Asian, Japanese to be exact, village, In the next scene, I saw an Asian man chasing a frail, Asian woman with a very large sword. When he caught up with her at the edge of the cliff, he had her for she had no place left to run. As he raised his sword to cut off her head, I remember her looking at him pleading for her life without saying anything and he spared her life. In the next scene, I saw the woman standing at the mouth of a cave which could have been a tomb speaking with the man who had earlier tried to kill her, in fact, I believe that he had been sent to kill her. I then saw this frail woman grow extra arms and transform into the Hindu goddess kali ma, who is known as the supreme feminine manifestation of compassion and she is also known as the goddess of death. Now, back to the title of my post, “And He said, “I Myself will make all My goodness pass before you, and will proclaim the name of the LORD before you; and I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show compassion on whom I will show compassion.” (Exo 33:19 NASB).  Human compassion is based on sight while the Lord’s is based on the heart and He knows when to give it and when to withhold it. Because this person, didn’t do what he was sent to do, this once frail woman became a deadly force beyond his ability to control..

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18 thoughts on ““…….I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show compassion on whom I will show compassion.” (Exo 33:19 NASB)

  1. interesting. For years, I wanted to operate in this gift and it would never manifest. My two prayer partners moves mightily using dreams while I am a Seer. So for the wrong reasons I desired it. I just didn’t want to feel left out. But as I said it never happened. Now that I have completely forgotten about it I realise over the last few months it has been happening and I really don’t want it again. Then the event happens after and then that’s when I recognized that’s what the dream was about you know? Told the Lord I really don’t want it but it keeps happening. Sigh. Think the reason I don’t desire it is the lack of interpretation that usually bothers me and then it takes “forever” to figure out because the dreams are not precise and clear. I prefer to just function in the prophetic as the Seer I am prob caz its immediate and I know exactly what’s going on when I do see it. Its clear and rarely needs figuring out. Sooo my question is: How do you figure them out since they not straight and clear?

    • I bounce my dreams off other people whom I know have
      a prophetic mantle . Other times the Lord makes me wait on Him . sometimes the dream and its meaning are obvious and other times they’re not. if you like, you can share your prophetic dreams with me and I’ll pray about them.

      • Yeah but how do I know if they are prophetic or just ordinary dreams? How do I know? Seriously? Can I tho?

      • I journal all my dreams, in fact, I keep a journal by my bedside. When I have a dream, I write it down. Some dreams , like you said, could be the pizza you ate and others from God. When a dream stays with me or it comes back to me like the one you commented on, I know it to be of the Lord. You just have to keep the dream before the Lord until you get an answer. I know what you mean about getting a prophetic word though. They seem to be more straightforward than do dreams and visions. You really need to surround yourself with people with like mantles and keep the dream/vision/word before the Lord always. What I have learned is that I do not rely on my “gifting” or mantle. I rely on the Lord .

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      • funny enough I journal ALOT but never dreams. Mostly the personal and public stuff that the Holy Spirit would whisper to me in our moments. They mean a lot to me so I never want to forget those. I am slowly watching them come to pass. He truly is an awesome Jesus. Maybe I will just start to do it for the dreams too 😀

    • One thing I have learned and am learning about the Lord is that He doesn’t ask our permission nor does He need to. He commands and we obey,

  2. hey, have a question for you. What do you think it means to constantly dream about leading young people thro water? My ministry is a youth based one and I’ve gotten that type of dream several times in the last few weeks. All types of water: rivers of different heights, ponds, waterfalls and even once a huge ocean.

    • Water is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. What I see this meaning is that the various bodies of waters you are leading them through each have different depths. The depths represent different stages of development in a young Christian’s walk with the Lord and also the level of commitment they have.

      I had a vision very similar to the dream that you are describing.

      Follow The Stream

      Eze 47:3 He walked to the east with a measuring tape and measured off fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water that was ankle-deep.
      Eze 47:4 He measured off another fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water that was knee-deep. He measured off another fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water waist-deep.
      Eze 47:5 He measured off another fifteen hundred feet. By now it was a river over my head, water to swim in, water no one could possibly walk through.
      The Lord showed me a vision today based on these verses from Ezekiel. In the vision I saw a stream that was ankle-deep and people were crossing over the stream to get to the other side. The stream to them was an obstacle to be crossed that stood in the way of them and the other side(their ministry). Others walked in the stream for a bit and then got out because the water was only ankle – deep and it was easy to get in and out of the stream, Still others walked in the stream following the path of the stream faithfully wherever it went.
      As this last group followed the stream the water began to rise and it became knee-deep, yet still easy enough for anyone who wanted to, to get out of the stream and onto dry land. Those who remained faithful and followed the path of the stream found that the water was now waist deep, and although a lot more difficult, there still exists a way out of the water for those who chose to get out. Finally, the faithful ones who followed the stream from the time it was ankle-deep water until it was waist deep find themselves in a river that was over their head and in water that no one could possibly walk through.
      The explanation of the vision is this: The water is the Holy Spirit. There are those involved in ministry that see the stream as an obstacle to get to the bank on the other side(their ministry) rather than a path to follow. Then there were those who wanted to get their feet wet in the ankle-deep water and then quickly get out because their level of commitment was as shallow as the stream that they walked/crossed. They liked the idea of going along with the current of the stream (the Holy Spirit) at first but lost interest because the water was only ankle-deep( the miracles & signs and wonders weren’t enough to keep their attention) Then there were those who pursued the water until it was knee-deep, a deeper commitment by those who pursued the stream when it was just a small stream and they are representative of those who have surrendered a greater amount of their will than those in the ankle-deep water. And, the anointing on that is on their lives shows it Then we have those who have followed the stream from ankle-deep to waist-deep. The deeper you go in the stream is in direct proportion to how much of your will is surrendered to God’s will. The deeper you go the harder it is to get out, although it is still possible to do so. The deeper the water, the greater the anointing, the presence, the power and ministry. Finally we see the faithful ones who have faithfully followed the stream from the time it was ankle-deep to where we see the that the water has become a river and is over the heads of those in it and no one could possibly walk through it. These 4 stages of water depth represent the ever-increasing presence and power and anointing that the Holy Spirit is , and will be poured out. Those who are among those who are in water over their head are those who have completely surrendered their will to the will of God and it is these who will walk in signs and wonders ministry such as not even the Apostles saw.
      There is no short that can be taken here. In order for one to have the Spirit’s anointing, presence, and power , they must follow the path of the stream from within the stream and not on the banks. And, it must be followed from ankle-deep to the river that no one could possibly cross.
      Also realize that it looks from a common sense perspective to follow a stream’s path from within the stream, very stupid and foolish. It makes much more sense to follow the streams path from the safety of the bank and on dry ground. Those who pursue the course of the stream from within the stream will be looked at as foolish and stupid.

      I also had a vision where I was riding a tsunami wave that was heading towards the United States. What the Lord showed me is that a wave of this magnitude is caused by an earthquake, i.e., a shaking which is already beginning to happen. What I know is that in order to ride the wave, you must swim out into deep water. You can’t wait for it to come to you on the shore. On the shore, you can run from the wave. In deep water, your feet do not touch bottom and you must cooperate with the wave and the current or you can drown. The Lord is entrusting you with His very precious possessions, the youth. And you are going to be leading them into deep waters of the Holy Spirit and anointing.

      Pray about this and see what the Lord says to you.

      • hmmmm. Sorta figured it was of that nature. Know the Eze story quite well because God used it to teach me about various anointings, levels and stuff. This one was not so tormenting because I kinda figured it was as you explained but wanted to make sure. We are just about to develop a systematic prog in our ministry to reach out, train and empower youths in my locality on a large scale rather than the minuscule area we have been in so far. Its real scary because it needs so much funding that is not readily available. Seriously, “Readily available” is an understatement in fact. But just last night while I was in many tears and brokenness about this fact, Daddy assured me that He is going to provide all that I need so I should not be afraid to step into this new thing he is birthing through the ministry. Funny, now as I am writing this, I realize that was a part of the dreams since at that time this effort was not in the center play as yet God was preparing me for it, although I did not know because I had no interpretation. The yppl in my various dreams were all of different types and social class in society and stuff like that. Its really a [now] clear demonstration of the venture we are presently developing. It will reach all levels and social strata as that is the aim. Good Lord! Jesus is truly something 🙂

        hey thanks for the words huh. blessinz

      • Some words of caution. Remember in your dreams, you were leading and not pushing. I know from personal experience that I can become overzealous and want someone to be where the Lord has me and that can end in disaster. The best illustration that I saw concerning this is that of a string. If you push a string, it looses it shape and becomes a jumbled mess. If you pull, i.e., lead, a string, it remains straight and will go where you lead.

        The second thing is that you need to watch that the water is always flowing from the source. Remember the warning the Lord gave in Jeremiah where he said that His people had committed 2 sins the first being that they forsook Him, the Fountain of living water and second they dug cisterns, broken cisterns that could not hold water. Anointing must always be flowing to be fresh, Which means that you have to constantly be returning to the throne of God for more.

      • “returning to the throne” i totally like that. Its literal for me. Its sorta where I live. ha ha ha ha. Truly. No presumption or pridefulness or nothing like that. in his throne room I have made my bed. So much so that HE has stopped my visits to heaven for a while now. He just has stopped taking me there to walk and talk with him. Got a prophesy recently from someone who didn’t know that and he told me “Father says to tell you, you will soon return to visit him in heaven again like before”. I laughed because no one a part from God could have told him that I had become concerned that I was no longer visiting heaven as before. I totally get what you are saying, where you’re going, and where you’re coming from with your words of caution. I totally appreciate them. I have been leading young people for over 12 years now but nothing has compared to where God is now taking me to reach them – NOTHING. It’s scary and lonely at times. I have followed the stream; as you described in your dream. Oh you have no idea – then again may be you do :-). I do need him so much. He has truly loved me into a change that can now be passed on for others to see. He has been with me thro so much that living for him and constantly returning to his throne of grace is daily what sustains me. truly.

      • You Bless Me!!! I love hearing what the Lord is doing in you and through you there in Jamaica. I had a vision of standing in front of God’s throne and in my right hand I had an unlit torch. I remember taking the torch up to God’s throne and sticking it under there and lighting it on fire. I have heard the words , “fire starter” several times. I envy you and can’t wait to see the Lord move the way he is moving in your country here in Tucson.

  3. smile. “fire starter”. Love That. So Start them my friend, Start them. I am the Holy Ghost Arsonist. 😀 I intentionally go out and set ppl on fire for Him. He is gracious enough to back me with signs and wonders. The day I discovered that God’s love can change ppl so drastically was the day Wonders began to happen when I minister. Oh I have stories that could take from now until next week to even half tell you. ha ha ha ha. I will give you one. I was praying for a line of ppl once and everybody was falling to the ground but this one lady decided she had too much pride to respond to the power of God so I sparingly touched her forehead {as I did everybody else} and she stood tall an felt quite proud of it. I smiled to myself and thought “hmmm. some ppl. I wish God would come in a different way to her and I bet she’d be on the ground in an instant as His glory manifests” No sooner did I think that I heard and outcry “JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! JESUS” and heard a big tumble. She was down for the count. I was quite astonished because I did not know what had happened ’cause the Lord did not reveal it to me. there were no catchers to aid and buffet her fall because I had passed her and was about 3 or 4 persons down the line. So she hit the ground all by herself. [I was a little worried at first hoping she did not receive any injury but that concern quickly left as I returned to the business at hand. I was real eager to hear what had happened but felt shy to ask. When the service was thru she came running up to me face glowing with a gigantic smile “Pastor, pastor I saw Jesus, I saw Jesus, I saw Jesus” my response: “really? what happened?” After you prayed and left I held on to the persons beside me because I was insistent that I am not going on the ground. Then out of no where I felt like I was alone in the room. Couldn’t hear the music, couldn’t hear the ppl – nothing. Then as I began to be afraid because I did not know what was going on, I had a vision and saw Jesus walking towards me. He was brilliant like pure light. He stretched His arms towards me and smiled. There was so much love coming from Him that all I could do was call His name. Then I know nothing else than I just opened my eyes and realised that I was on the floor. So I said ‘boy Lord me really reach pan d floor and never even know “. I laughed when she said that because I thought well every knee must bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord 🙂

    Let me tell you something my friend, move Him with your passion. Move Him with your heart of love for others. MOVE HIM EVEN IF HE DOES NOT WANT TO MOVE simply because of your passion. Start the fires. Look for opportunities to start them and don’t stop. He tells me I am a “Carrier of His Glory and Fire” People literally scream when I pray for them and dust their clothes shouting “fire! fire! fire!”

    Really wish that all of my country was on fire for Him. [Long sigh] it seems and many times feels just a small portion of us who have followed the stream even when we did not want to. But I have decided the fire will burn anywhere I am – IT HAS TO BECAUSE WHERE I AM HE IS AND VICE VERSA. I never leave home without him. I entertain and love on him daily so he never feels out-of-place around me. My conversations (food) are a sweet smelling savour for him. “I cook for him” really well and He “eats”, blesses and anoints me so I can do the same for others.

    • It is interesting that you use the Holy Spirit Arsonist because an arsonist starts fires for the purpose of destruction and therefore you start fires for the destruction of the evil one. I had another vision involving the people in my house church. In this vision, we were all sitting around in my living rool talking when everyone’s mouths dropped open and they began pointing at my head. I asked what was wrong and why everybody was staring and pointing at me. They told me that my head was on fire. I reached up with my right hand and brought it down and it was full of fire. I then began to lay my hand on everyone in the group and they too had fire, Holy Spirit fire, resting on their heads.

      Let’s be Holy Spirit Arsonists and set people’s lives a blaze with the Spirit of the Living God!!!!!!

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