My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Law vs Grace

March 12,2010
I had a dream . In the dream I saw a young boy and in his arms he was carrying 2 stone tablets much
like the ones we all saw Moses carry in the movie The 10 Commandments. These tablets that the child
was carrying were in fact the law of God. They were proportionate to his size. He had to carry them
and had to speak to his father while holding them As he grew, the tablets grew along with him until
one day he could no longer bear to hold them and the tablets then became two stone doors with the
law written on them and they totally blocked the access to the Father. In disgust and disappointment
the boy stopped trying to pursue a relationship with his Father and went away.
It is said in the Talmud that the temple doors were 75 feet high and 25 feet wide and it took 25 men to
open these doors. Yet after the death and resurrection of Jesus they are said to have mysteriously swung
open by themselves. When the curtain in the temple was torn in two the way to the Father was once again opened. Why
do we, the church, stand in front of the doors restricting access when Jesus died that all may have
access to the Father. The Church has for the most part become a social club with its own set of rules
for membership and acceptance. Christianity has gone from whomsoever shall call upon the name of
the Lord shall be saved to whomsoever fits our mold, our lifestyle, and our interpretation of the bible
will be saved. Since when is it necessary to join a particular church/denomination to become a
Luk 11:46 He said, o’Yes, and I can be even more explicit. You’re hopeless, you religion scholars! You
load people down with rules and regulations, nearly breaking their backs, but never lift even a finger
to help.
Luk 11:52 “You’re hopeless, you religion scholars! You took the key of knowledge, but instead of
unlocking doors, you locked them(I believe that the church are the doors blocking access to Jesus
)You won’t go in yourself, and won’t let anyone else in either.”
These 2 verses describe the modern-day church. We have lost our first love, we have lost our passion
for the lost. Instead of agonizers in prayer we have organizers instead of prayer we have programs,
instead of repentance and deliverance we are taught tolerance. Anyone who is really pressing into a
relationship with the Lord is labeled a nut and he/she is discouraged from becoming too fanatical.
I believe that we as a church need to return to our first love, as Jesus said to the church at Ephesus
,”remember the height from which you have fallen”. I believe that this is the First church
mentioned both positionally and prophetically by our Lord
In addition we need also to Heed the warning Peter gave to the Disciples in Acts 15.
Act 15:5 But some who believed [who acknowledged Jesus as their Savior and devoted themselves to
Him] belonged to the sect of the Pharisees, and they rose up and said, It is necessary to circumcise
[the Gentile converts] and to charge them to obey the Law of Moses.
Act 15:10 Now then, why do you try to test God by putting a yoke on the necks of the disciples, such
as neither our forefathers nor we [ourselves] were able to endure? (Before the fall God had sole
possession of the knowledge of good and evil. After Jesus death and resurrection it was returned to
its rightful owner, the Lord. Why would anyone in their right mind want to carry this burden, and
whats more, why would anyone want to inflict it upon anyone else and force them to carry it ?)
Act 15:11 But we believe that we are saved through the grace (the undeserved favor and mercy) of
the Lord Jesus, just as they [are].
We need to repent as a church, return to our first love , and, instead of being a hindrance to the sinner
seeking Jesus we need to be the facilitator. We need relationship not rules and regulation.


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4 thoughts on “Law vs Grace

  1. I often go around in circles with grace vs law or as I say grave vs deeds. While we do need relationship, I find we follow the rules the more we grow in the relationship.

    • What I’m finding is that the more I keep my eyes on Jesus, the one who never broke the rules, the more I find that I follow the rules. Jesus summed it up pretty well in his discourse with the Jews as follows: “Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”
      (Joh 6:28-29 NIV)

      The more I believe and keep my eyes on the author and perfecter of my faith, the more obeying the rules comes naturally. The more I try to follow the rules, the more I fail miserably.

      • exactly…the more you grow in the relationship the more the laws just becomes part of your life! Great post!

      • Right, because they are not written in stone but on hearts made of flesh. In fact, the word law is from my understanding is a mistranslation. The word Torah should be actually translated, “teachings unto life”

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