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Dreams and Visions

A Dream about America and the End of Freedom

I had a dream a second time  01/31/  this time  I was telling two of my friends in another state about a dream that I had a while back .

A Dream about America and the End of Freedom

I had a dream , April 19,2010. In this dream I was outside with family and friends having fun when I saw military planes flying overhead having wires attached to them that reached the ground and they were carrying a building. When the first building went up I commented to my friends that it looked like something out of star wars, this however, would be the first of many buildings that would be erected by the military. These buildings were being erected right were we were standing. All the buildings seemed to be descending from the sky. In the next part of the dream we, including Debbie and me were inside the buildings that had been placed there by the military, We were in a room with other people and we were being held captive. We could not leave and any attempt to do so we would be facing guards with tasers. In one part of the dream I did try to escape through a doorway and as I jumped over the railing I felt a surge of electricity go through my legs and was told if I didn’t stop It would get worse. In the room that we were in there was a mother and daughter sitting next to us and the little girl had asthma. Her mother was out of her medication and was unable to get more for her. Debbie had a prescription that was not exactly the same as the little girl was taking but offered it to the mother. The next part of my dream I was in my kitchen of the house in which I currently live only there were people there who did not belong there eating food that I had bought. I had no control over them being there. When we could go outside, it was much different from before. I saw statues of people who looked like they had been shot in the back. There was definitely the sense that we were no longer free. No one could leave. I then heard a voice saying, “America’s best days are behind her, she will be a weakened nation”.

In this dream, I was telling  both my friends about the dream I mentioned above and then in my dream, they both looked at one another and said, ” that sounds like a description of a  F.E.M.A camp and there’s one around here


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6 thoughts on “A Dream about America and the End of Freedom

  1. These building are buildings that have been prefabbed and exist even at this moment. They are designed to set up camp instantly and without warning by large planes (helicoptors of some kind) delivering the buildings. While the invading military forced you and your family to go into one of the buildings they were infiltrating the land too quickly to be stopped and taking over everyone’s homes and possessions. At this time everyone will lose their rights to this government and will be controled by them which is what the guards with lasers is about.

    The fact that the little girl with asthma ran out of medicine and was unable to get any more is the sign of the world having needs that cannot be met during these times. The fact that Debbie had a prescription is the sign that God will provide for those in need through His true people when the time comes.

    The people in your home who took over everything and was eating your food is what it will be like in the coming days and they represent the soldiers or hungry people who will be out of control. The statues out side were people who had been shot in the back and somehow or another were physically recomposed which made them appear as statues or dead stiff people. Them being shot in the back means there will be no mercy for those who will not submit. This is truly the end of America as what has been prophecied over and over (Rev. 18).

    When you dream a dream about a dream, such as you dreaming you were telling your friends about the dream you already drreamed, means the dream is more factual than fictional. This means the F.E.M.A. camp does exist and the dream will happen. Thinking back to past dreams you have had concerning you finding out where the enemies camp is leads me to believe this is connected to God revealing to you where the enemies plans and the conditions of the future.
    Brother Guy Walton: Apostle

  2. Our church family has been seeing visions of the end-time judgments of God. Would you be willing to share what God is speaking to you with our live video streaming revival audience as soon as you would like?

    Two of our students have been seeing visions of fireballs coming to the Earth. Today a giant meteor fell on Russia. We have a team of 6 prophetic trainees that are all seeing prophetic visions about the love of God and the end-times.

    We meet Mon – Fri at 10:45 am & 8 pm central time. Feel free to call our cell (318) 655-2297 or email for more information.

    Everyone receives a prophetic word by my husband James Crawford; if they request one.

    Keep up the good work and God bless you.

    • Hello Melissa

      So my posting on A dream about America and the end of freedom attracted you to my blog? That is really cool. I will see about doing your show. Do I need anything?

      • Yes sir Tony, we are very attracted to what God is telling people. We live for this. To share your prophecies and/or tune into the broadcast just call our tele-conference line and we will patch you in to our video broadcast so that our streaming audience hears you. Can you call our cell for more info at (318) 655-2297 We look forward to hearing from you. God bless you Tony

      • Have you had a chance to review any more of the dreams and visions that I’ve posted? I posted a dream I had about the rapture to your posting about the rapture.

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