My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit to the US

I had a vision on the morning of 9/3/2010 , I kept hearing the word, “wave”, and wondered as to its meaning. I was then shown a wave the size of a tsunami and I was on a surf board riding the wave. The Tsunami was heading for the United States, and, as you know, A Tsunami is caused by an earthquake in the sea which indicates to me a shaking, a great shaking. This tsunami is a move of the Holy Spirit of gigantic proportions that is coming to the United States. It is my belief that it will impact the west coast first as this is where surfing is popular. In order to be a part of this you have to swim out into the deep in order to catch the wave and be able to ride the wave. In shallow water, you call the shots and can get out as fast as you got in. In deep water, however, the water calls the shots and you either cooperate with the water or fight against it and drown.
Those who are foolish enough to oppose the wave and stand in front of it will be destroyed. Those who are cowardly and run to higher ground to get away from the wave will miss the move altogether. The wave will be stirring up things that have been buried for a long time and bringing them to the surface, i.e., like when the demon possessed man shouted at Jesus in the synagogue, “I know who you are, you are the Son of God” . This man had been there for a while and the demon was comfortable and thus quit. All that is about to change in a very big way,


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7 thoughts on “Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit to the US

  1. Yes! literal and spiritual as well. The mighty revival–the latter rain!!! Awesome! It will start in the United States! BIG HUGE FAT CONFIRMATION HERE! The anointing of the spirit of fire baptism–very similar to the Isuzu Street revival but REALLY REALLY REALLY HUGE! 😉 This was great! Thanks for sharing.

    • There is a financial tsunami coming as well that will devastate many.

      • Yes. Another confirmation for you! The 10 kings are going to be ushered in when the devastation happens–financial collapse included in this. It will all come quickly-swiftly-sudden destruction-earthly and financially. These are the judgements that have already started but they are getting ready to happen. As a cat ready to pounce. Many people will perish when this happens. 😦 He is faithful to all those who follow Him.

  2. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    This is most intriguing because I posted today what was intended for last week but which got delayed by material relating to the prophet Daniel. Having done that, Tony reminded me of relevant visions and his concluding reference in this one to rising demonic reactions reflects my own thoughts on anti-Semitism’s apparent presence in proposed prayers for Lent in the UK. Thank you Lord for confirming my thoughts.

  3. Beverley Estes on said:

    So there will be no rapture that many are talking about and preaching.

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